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An LED panel light is a surface emission device that makes use of edge-lit technology to achieve consistent uniformity across the light emitting surface (LES) of the luminaire. The revolutionary technology takes advantage of the characteristics unique to LEDs (i.e. directional emission and compact sizes) and uses an innovative optical design to enable an extremely low profile architecture and homogeneous luminance over the entire LES. General and task illumination for commercial buildings has been challenged to deliver even distribution of illuminance across an area or a task plane while offering excellent glare control and visual comfort. Providing totally uniform, smooth and visually comfortable lighting, edge-lit LED panel lights offer very compelling reasons to switch from fluorescent light fixtures as well as other types of LED ceiling lights.

An edge-lit LED panel light features an extruded aluminum frame which provides mechanical support for the light source and optical components while serving as a heat sink that dissipates heat generated in the semiconductor junction of the LEDs. The luminous flux from edge-mount LEDs is regulated by a multi-layered optical system which typically consists of a top reflector, a light guide panel (LGP), and an opal bottom diffuser. The LGP transports light from the edge-mounted LEDs to a point at some distance by means of total internal reflection (TIR) with minimal loss.

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