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Products LED Bollard Lights

A bollard light is a sturdy, short, and vertical post light that is utilized to define visual direction and boundaries for both people and vehicles. Bollards were originally designed as protective structures which are installed on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, or other trafficked areas at industrial, commercial, or institutional premises. They provide restraint of vehicular traffic in unauthorized areas and delineate pedestrian paths.

Today, bollards have taken on an expansive role. They are used numerous urban, industrial, landscaping and architectural applications to enhance outdoor settings, while contributing to the safety and security of the environments they serve. What made this happen was the incorporation of lighting into the bollard structures. Bollard lights are more of a visual element than a physical barrier. They’re less used as purely barricade and barrier devices that provide outdoor perimeter defense and traffic control. Bollards have evolved into a type of architectural outdoor light fixtures that should blend into the environment they serve. During the day they should add to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, while at night assisting orientation and navigation, and creating a pleasant atmosphere. They are installed to create visual guidance for the safe movement of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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