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Products Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights

An LED neon light is a flexible LED light strip capable of simulating the lighting effects of classic neon lamps. Where distinctive and fanciful lighting is required look no further than flexible LED lighting product which is easy to customize and install, shatterproof and safe to use, and delivers unprecedented energy efficiency and controllability. Traditional glass neon lights have been favored for their ability to produce uniform, fully diffused glow over the entire length of the lights irrespective of the viewing angle. As a type of cold cathode gas-discharge lights, neon tubes have to run on a very high voltage so that the metal electrodes installed at each end of a sealed glass tube can ionize the gas in the tube, causing it to emit colored light. Neon lighting, however, is not user-friendly in nature. The fragile glass construction and the need for a heavy supporting infrastructure make the product not only expensive to package and ship, but also extremely awkward and complicated to install and replace. The installation and maintenance may be accompanied by a potential shock hazard, and the use of these lights involves a high maintenance cost and high power consumption.

Flexible LED neon strip lights were created to address the challenges confronting sign, signage, accent and decorative lighting applications with neon gas lighting. Flexible and durable, these products can be fabricated into curved and even twisted configurations without the typical worries of working with fragile neon glass. The design freedom is also endorsed by their ability to be cut or extended for the application of your choice. The even glow of neon lighting can be flawlessly replicated on LED neon lights. LED neon lights offer extraordinary color experiences with the ability to produce a full spectrum of colors from the same fixture and display different colors and intensities across the single run of lighting simultaneously.

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