News Audi Q6 e-tron embraces the second-generation digital OLED technology

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News Audi Q6 e-tron embraces the second-generation digital OLED technology

María Mele

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This innovation will permanently change automotive light design and car-to-X communication: With second-generation digital OLED rear lights, the Audi Q6 e-tron is taking light design, range of functions, and road safety to a new level.

The number of segments per digital OLED panel has increased from six to 60 compared to the first generation. Six OLED panels with 360 segments in total are used in the Q6 e-tron's rear lights. The new E3 electronic architecture makes it possible to control this significantly increased number of segments using a software module on one of the domain computers. The steady increase in the number of segments per digital OLED panel will, in the future, make it possible to develop the rear of the car into a display that further improves car-to-X communication and road safety.

The innovative digital OLED technology creates the conditions for a completely new rear light design, ensuring a one-of-a-kind homogeneity and very high contrast. There are other advantages: Surface light sources do not require additional reflectors, light guides, or optics, making them very efficient. Together, these properties allow Audi’s engineers and designers to break down the design boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality.

For the first time, the digital OLED rear lights can specifically communicate with the immediate environment. Proximity indication, a feature familiar to other Audi models, is expanded in the new Q6 e-tron to include a communication light. Integrated with the digital OLED rear lights, it warns other road users forsighted of accidents and breakdowns by displaying a specific static rear light signature with integrated warning symbols and the regular rear light graphic in critical road situations.

With up to eight digital light signatures for the headlights and rear lights, drivers can enjoy a new level of freedom in personalizing their Q6 e-tron. Customers can select a signature in one of two ways, via the myAudi app or in the car via the MMI. Six additional signatures with a coming home/leaving home lighting scenario and the corresponding digital light signature are available through additional optional packages.

Audi is gradually developing the technology into intelligent displays that can communicate with other road users by displaying information via the exterior lights – this is the new communication light. The active digital light signature is another world first making its debut in the Audi Q6 e-tron. It makes an entirely new and vibrant impression, pointing the way to the future of Audi lighting technology.

For the first time, customers can optionally select digital light signatures for this new evolution of digital daytime running lights in the Matrix LED headlights and the new generation of digital OLED rear lights. In addition, customers may book digital light signatures on demand.

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