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Need Advice Advice for Following Spot


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I operate lighting in small scale shows for a solo movement artist, always manually using a following spot mounted on a ball-and-socket bracket bolted to a wooden base. I use a PAR64, changing gel filters manually throughout the show (using an improvised filter hanging system), but this process is noisy and sometimes difficult when in complete darkness between scenes. So, I am considering buying a LED spot as a replacement.

I have zero knowledge of LED lights so have some questions:
1. Is it possible to have a light which I can manually change the colours of?
2. Are there lights available that have many colour options, such as 3 different reds, 3 greens, violets, blues, oranges, etc.
3. Do they have the ability to 'swell' when the lighting intensity is increased/decreased? (I believe it's called exponential increase.)

Are there any other things I ought to know/research about LED lights that are pertinent to my situation?

Many thanks.