Need Advice Questions about power for a car led light strip kit


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A friend of my girlfriends bought her an led light strip kit for her car and I have started the job of trying to install it. The wires were not long enough to reach all the locations they needed to go so I had to buy more wire and modify a little bit. The kit uses one of the 12v music power supplies (will link kit in a minute). The power comes out on 1 wire that gets split to 4 individual wires that run to the strips. To save wire I decided to try to run them all daisy-chained from one to the other so that all 4 are in line running from one wire. After doing this I can get 2 of the led strips to light but the back 2 do not. I have been messing with this for a couple weeks on and off as I have had the time. Is there a chance that this could be from a power issue wiring them this way or is it more likely that I just have a bad solder joint somewhere? I believe the wire that came in the kit that runs to the strips is about 22-24g braided copper wire. I have used a 9v battery just to verify that the light strips work properly.

Here is a link to the kit :
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.