Our new Emergency Backup LED Tube works as both an LED lamp and a backup battery, providing reliable illumination during power outages and beyond. The naturaLED® Emergency T8 Tube acts as a regular T8 LED Light with emergency lighting capabilities. It fits into an existing fluorescent lighting systems and uses the existing electrical T8 fluorescent ballast. The EM Tube produces up to 2,000 lumens in regular mode and 500 lumens in emergency mode and operates for 90-minutes during emergency use.

The Emergency Backup LED Tube is hardwired to the incoming line voltage and contains a built-in driver and battery and replaces the need for an external battery backup system. It’s designed to act as a standard LED T8 tube with battery backup capabilities that seamlessly integrates into existing linear 4-foot lighting fixtures, making it an ideal solution for retrofitting applications. With its advanced technology, it provides instant-on lighting during power interruptions, eliminating any potential downtime or disruption. This innovative product not only enhances safety but also offers significant energy savings, thanks to its high efficiency and long lifespan.
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