Luminus Devices, a leading provider of innovative solid-state lighting solutions, is proud to announce the addition of the SFT-03X Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED chipset to its projection product portfolio enabling extremely compact yet bright projection engines for embedded consumer and industrial applications.

Featuring a light emission size of only 0.345mm2 , the SFT-03X chipset is optimized for operation with small micro displays including Texas Instruments (TI) 0.16” DLPTM Digital Micro-Display (DMD) and sized to enable a projection engine with an extended depth of focus, allowing for a change to the projection distance without requiring manual adjustment. Comprising of individual Red-Amber, Converted Green and Blue LED emitters with high color saturation, the SFT-03X chipset helps create images and videos with vibrant colors that increase the perception of brightness to the human eye.

Thanks to an advanced compact package of only 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm per emitter and Luminus’ high intensity projection chip technology, the SFM/SFT-03X LEDs achieves a market-leading combination of performance and efficiency delivering up to 50 lm typical brightness at 3-watt electrical power in an unprecedented 2 cm3 (cubic centimeter) form factor in a 2-channel configuration—all without requiring active cooling fans. For applications demanding even higher brightness levels, the chipset can scale up to 100 lm typical at higher input power with four active LED channels.

This miniature and cost-effective engine can easily be embedded in a variety of consumer and industrial host devices and deliver a projected image ranging from 12” to 20” depending on ambient lighting conditions. As such, the technology delivers a large display experience to the user without the large and bulky form factor of flat-panel displays such as LCD screens.

A countless list of consumer applications includes battery-powered companion projectors for smart phones, augmented reality wearable displays, Homepods, smart home controllers, lighting track fixtures, bulb projectors, white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines where the projector delivers information signage, entertainment content or advanced lighting effects.

In industrial applications, screen less displays are not subject to damage and can be used for industrial signage, retail displays and factory automation applications. The SFT-03X chipset is available immediately and may be purchased from most of Luminus’ authorized distribution partners.
Luminus Devices is proud to announce the expansion of its Gen 2 CCT tunable chipon-board portfolio with the introduction of the CTM-18 and CTM-22. Both new COBs feature the same 6500K to 2700K color combination of the earlier released CTM-6, CTM-9 and CTM-14, along with two additional CCT ranges: 4000K to 1800K and high melanopic 5000K Salud™ to 2200K. The Luminus Gen 2 CCT tunable COBs are now available in three CCT ranges and five sizes, with light emitting surface (LES) diameters of 6, 9, 14, 18, and 22mm. Each of these provides industry-leading efficacy (lumens/Watt) and flux density, enabling customers to drive at higher currents to enable longer throws and more “punch” in their spot lights.

These innovative Gen 2 COBs boast two independent channels, offering warm and cool white with over 90 CRI. Engineered with a multi-stripe design, they ensure excellent color mixing and high flux density, perfect for directional lighting applications. With the ability to achieve system beam angles ranging from 10 to 40 degrees using standard secondary optics, customers can enjoy uniform color output and exceptional light quality. The three available CCT range options, coupled with consistent white light <3 SDCM, makes these COBs ideal for a wide range of applications, including commercial, residential, offices, human-centric lighting, museums, healthcare, retail stores, hospitality venues, and circadian lighting setups.

Customers benefit from a wide array of optics, holders, and connectors compatible with the industry-standard footprints commonly used for two-channel COBs.

David Davito, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing, Illumination at Luminus, emphasizes “the industry-leading efficacy and flux density of these Gen 2 products are meeting the growing demand for tunable CCTs to provide healthy lighting environments with adaptable tones. The quality of light is equally impressive, as these COBs enable the creation of narrow beams with smoother color mixing, providing a seamless dynamic directional lighting solution.”
Sanan Semiconductor, an emerging leader in wide bandgap power semiconductor materials, components, and foundry services has announced Luminus Devices as their exclusive sales channel in the Americas. This was a natural choice as both companies are subsidiaries of Sanan Optoelectronics, the compound semiconductor innovator and the world’s largest LED chip manufacturer. The timing is ideal for this partnership as customers in a wide range of power-related industries have suffered in recent years from long lead times, especially for Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers, Schottky diodes, and MOSFETs. Sanan, having recently completed construction of a US$2B “Megafab” in Changsha, China, is now equipped to provide customers with products and foundry services with aggressive lead times, as low as 8 weeks for most products. The capacity of this Megafab also positions Sanan as the largest vertically integrated SiC manufacturer in China, and the 3 rd largest in the world. Sanan plans to focus on foundry services to support already established semiconductor companies who need a secure supply of SiC substrates, epi wafers or bare die. In parallel, Sanan offers turnkey solutions of SiC Schottky diodes and SiC MOSFETs to support emerging customers in renewable energy and diverse applications such as industrial power supplies, wind power, energy storage, motor driving, data centers, HVAC, electric vehicle (EV) charging, photovoltaics, and other high power scenarios where the advantages of SiC provide essential robustness, value and efficiency.

Tony Chiang, CEO of Hunan Sanan Semiconductor, comments, "We are excited to leverage the well established Luminus sales team in the Americas, including their regional manufacturers reps and distributors to deliver our wide bandgap technology and products to customers who have been suffering from limited allocation and long lead times in recent years."

The Sanan Semiconductor SiC Megafab takes vertical integration to a whole new level. It starts with the production of raw powders and turns those into SiC boules, which are sliced into wafers, on which epitaxy is grown, then chips are produced and finally at the end of the line is packaging and test. To give you a sense of the massive scale of this factory campus, a window tour of the Megafab is an amazing 1.6 kilometer-long journey. Sanan is already breaking ground on a mirror image of the Megafab next door which will more than double the capacity by early 2025. All of this is separate from the $3.2B SiC joint venture Sanan announced with ST Microelectronics earlier this year in Chongqing, China.

Mark Pugh, CEO of Luminus Devices, adds, “Since we became part of the Sanan family 10 years ago, our worldwide customers have benefitted from the massive scale and advanced technology of our parent company. Now customers in the Americas will enjoy local service, rapid delivery, and technical support from Luminus as we expand into the high growth SiC and GaN power semiconductor materials, foundry, and components markets.”
We're thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking Gen2 XBT-3535 series. Our Gen2 XBT-3535 series offers an array of UV wavelengths, including 265 nm, 275 nm, 285 nm, 308 nm, and 340 nm. Luminus now stands as a leader with one of the most comprehensive UV LED portfolios!

In the UVC range, the 265 nm wavelength is perfect for air, water, and surface disinfection! Introducing UVB options at 285 nm for horticulture and analytical instruments, and 308 nm for phototherapy and horticulture. The 340 nm variant caters to medical and analytical applications, boasting a powerful 90 mW output at 500 mA!

Sunnyvale, CA -- Luminus Devices, a pioneer in advanced illumination solutions, proudly announces the official launch of its Gen2 XBT-3535 series, a groundbreaking addition to its extensive UV LED portfolio. Boasting multiple wavelength options, including 265 nm, 275 nm, 285 nm, 308 nm, and 340 nm, this release solidifies Luminus as a leader with one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry.

The Gen2 XBT-3535 series seamlessly complements Luminus's existing UVA and near-UV portfolio, which includes 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm, and 415 nm. In a significant expansion into the UVC wavelength range, the XBT3535 series is now available in 265 nm, alongside the previously offered 275 nm, specifically tailored for air, water, and surface disinfection applications. A lower power, cost-effective “Mini” version is also available in 275 nm with a power output of 20 mW at 150 mA. Murali Kumar, Business Line Director at Luminus comments, “What sets the 265 nm wavelength apart is its remarkable 56% improvement in disinfection efficiency compared to 280 nm, surpassing even the 22% increase achieved with 275 nm. Delivering an impressive output power of more than 60 mW at 500 mA, the XBT-3535 series outperforms its Gen 1, 275 nm predecessor, in both disinfection performance and cost-effectiveness ($/mW).”

In the UVB range, the XBT-3535 series introduces two options: 285 nm and 308 nm. The 285 nm variant, designed for horticulture and analytical instruments, boasts a performance exceeding 85 mW at 500 mA. On the other hand, the 308 nm variant, available in the "Mini" version, offers a cost-effective solution for phototherapy and, horticulture, delivering a power output of more than 30 mW at 150 mA.

Catering to medical and analytical applications, the XBT-3535 at 340 nm stands out with a powerful 90 mW output at 500 mA. Currently, the 265 nm, 275 nm, and 285 nm wavelengths are in production and available, with orders now also being accepted for the 308 nm and 340 nm variants, slated for production in Q1, 2024.

With the Gen2 XBT-3535 series, Luminus continues to lead the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine the boundaries of performance and versatility. For more information, please visit or contact
Sunnyvale, CA -- Luminus Devices, a pioneer in advanced lighting technology, is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the SST-12, a groundbreaking high-power white LED featuring a patented round emitter. This innovation sets a new standard in directional lighting by significantly enhancing the quality and brightness of beam spots. Compared to square-shaped emitters, the SST-12's round emitter offers remarkable advantages. Its compatibility with typically round-shaped optics results in superior brightness and color uniformity within beam spots. Moreover, it provides a tighter beam angle and longer beam distance, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of directional lighting applications.

The SST-12 LEDs are specially designed for directional lighting applications, catering to both portable lights and architectural directional lighting needs. Notably, the high Color Rendering Index (CRI) version, SST-12-WxH, boasts a CRI of greater than 95. With a typical efficacy of 116 lumens per watt at 0.35A Tj 85°C (3000K), the SST-12-WxH LED stands out as the premier choice for interior directional light fixtures such as spotlights, track lights, task lights, wall washers, and more.

SST-12 LEDs At-A-Glance
  • Patented round emitter delivers better beam spot uniformity than square emitters
  • Round emitter enables high intensity and longer beam distance than square emitters
  • Phosphor-on-chip technology delivers superior beam spot color uniformity
  • High CRI options (CRI>95) suitable for DLC Standard interior directional lighting fixtures

In a statement, Yves Bertic, Senior Business Line Director at Luminus, remarked, "As the SST white LEDs have been very popular in directional lighting applications across multiple markets, we continue optimizing our SST LED sources to not only enhance the optical performance but also deliver the superior quality of light for the end customers." The launch of the SST-12 marks a significant milestone in Luminus Devices' commitment to innovation, and it reinforces the company's position as a leader in the lighting industry.” For more information about the SST-12 and other cutting-edge lighting solutions from Luminus Devices, please visit This product line is now available through Luminus’ authorized distributors.
Luminus Devices recently announced the launch and immediate availability of their Generation 6 COBs with industry leading efficacy exceeding 150 lumens per Watt (lm/W) at 3000K, 90 CRI, with the highest reaching over 184 lm/W at Tj=85°C. Dave Davito, COB Product Line Director at Luminus, highlights “The Luminus team again moves to the front of the competitive pack with the best lumen performance available in the market place. Luminus products don’t distort measurement conditions to achieve these results, but rather deliver this performance at industry standard operating conditions. In addition, the selection of colors and power ranges make these products the best among a large range of competitors.”

The use of traditional nitride phosphors in the Gen 6 COBs delivers high reliability and an expanded operating range as well as chromaticity stability over temperature, current, and time. These COBs are ideal for lighting applications including retail, hospitality, residential, commercial, museum, high and low bay lighting, and more.

Special color options, such as Sensus™ below the black body curve for whitening warm color temperatures, AccuWhiteTM color rendering to 97 CRI typical, and hospitality color points are all available. With Light Emitting Surface (LES) sizes that range from 4mm to 32mm available in a full range of color temperatures and CRIs, these COBs can be used effectively for both indoor and outdoor applications. LM-80 testing confirmed the parts are capable of achieving Design Lights Consortium (DLC) premium lumen maintenance requiring greater than 90% lumen maintenance for over 36,000 hours of operation.

This product line is now available through Luminus’ authorized distributors with only a six-week lead time and volume available immediately.

For a full list of features, applications and benefits visit Or, to determine the best product, for the ideal solution, visit
After 11 years of service, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Decai Sun, is retiring, and Mark Pugh, currently the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Luminus, will take over the CEO role immediately.

Dr. Sun started Lightera Corporation in Silicon Valley in 2012 with funding from Sanan Opto. Lightera Corporation quickly acquired Luminus in 2013, merging the two companies with Dr. Sun becoming its CEO. Under Dr. Sun’s leadership, Luminus became a profitable, well-known LED component company achieving success in a broad range of applications worldwide. He moved Luminus from Boston to Sunnyvale in 2014 and recently built a worldwide team of more than 200 employees.

Mark Pugh has been a well-known pioneer in the optoelectronics industry for over 30 years with leadership roles in business development, marketing, and executive management. His career started with Hewlett Packard in the Optoelectronics Division working with LEDs and infrared devices. This eventually led to an opportunity to represent HP in a new joint venture with Philips that later became Lumileds. In 2007, Mark co-founded Xicato with the goal to replace halogen lights with LED modules that had an industry-leading quality of light and all the benefits of LEDs. In 2015, Mark joined Luminus Devices as Executive VP of Marketing and Sales, and the company quickly tripled in sales and turned profitable. Mark shares his vision for Luminus, “We will continue to further expand our broad product offering of photonics solutions as well as leverage our Sanan group relationship to grow our customer base in new markets with new and compelling semiconductor technologies.”
Luminus Devices has expanded its chip-on-board portfolio with the introduction of the Gen 2 CCT tunable COBs. These dynamic COBs feature two independent channels with 90+ CRI warm and cool white engineered in a multi-stripe design for excellent color mixing and high flux density for directional lighting. Customers can easily achieve system beam angles from 10 to 40 degrees using standard secondary optics to deliver uniform color and outstanding quality of light. With a 6500K to 2700K CCT range and consistent white light <3 SDCM these COBs are ideal for both commercial and residential applications including human centric lighting, museum and high-end retail, hospitality and circadian lighting.

In order to enable a smooth transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2, Luminus has kept the same footprint and thus enabled customers to use their existing ecosystem. New customers also have a large ecosystem of optics, holders, and connectors to choose from, since these products use the industry standard 12x15mm and 20x24mm footprints which have been common for 2 channel COB over many years. Included in that ecosystem is the upcoming Cuvee Systems two-channel driver, which is engineered to support Luminus dynamic COBs with two 0-10V inputs and is available from Luminus sales channels. Luminus also plans to grow the Gen 2 portfolio over the coming quarters to include other CCT ranges, Salud high melanopic spectrums, larger LES sizes, and dim-to-warm options.

Tom Jory, VP, Illumination Marketing at Luminus adds, “Luminaire makers and lighting specifiers are excited about the industry-leading efficacy and flux density of these Gen 2 products which meet the emerging demand for tunable CCTs to provide healthy lighting environments with tones that can change with the time of day or season. The quality of light is equally impressive as narrow beams can now be achieved with smoother color mixing for a seamless dynamic directional lighting solution.”

Luminus Devices is excited to announce the immediate availability of the LUX COB series. These innovative new COBs are available in both 90 and 95 CRI minimum and LES sizes from 4 to 22mm in a variety of flux densities and a full range of CCTs. The 90 CRI minimum delivers high quality of light with the lumen/watt efficacy of an 80 CRI source, thus enabling luminaire makers to reduce SKUs by eliminating the need for 80 CRI products.

Both the 90 and 95 CRI minimum versions use narrow band red phosphor (Current KSF) technology to deliver outstanding performance and quality of light for a variety of lighting applications including retail, residential, hospitality, architectural, museum, downlights, track lights and spot lights. Dave Davito, COB Product Line Director at Luminus adds, “The LUX COB series is an exciting addition to the Luminus COB portfolio as they are available in not only 90 CRI minimum, but we went a step further to offer an optional 97 CRI typical, 95 CRI min, with efficacy similar to what our competitors’ 80 CRI COBs have been delivering in recent years. For example, the LUX 95 CRI min CLM-22 provides 157 lumens/W and the 90 CRI version reaches an amazing 176 lumens/W. Luminaire makers who received prototype samples have already been loading orders on us faster than any new product in our 10-year COB history.”

Luminus has developed a reputation in the LED market as the leader in quality of light, and lighting designers are specifying Luminus in projects where their end users are most discerning and demanding, such as retail lighting, museums, hospitality, and high-end residential. The launch of the LUX COB series further solidifies Luminus’ leadership position and does so without having to sacrifice efficacy. European customers in particular are planning to leverage the LUX COBs to help their end customers qualify for energy efficiency rebates, which require the entire fixture system (including optics and drivers) to achieve 120 lumens/W. Since energy costs have risen sharply worldwide, and everyoneis demanding higher quality of light in parallel, the timing of the Luminus LUX COB product release is fortuitous indeed.

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