Legrand’s lighting control brand, Vantage, today announced it has partnered with WALL-SMART®, a leader in flush wall mount solutions. This partnership enables WALL-SMART to seamlessly flush-mount Vantage keypads into any space, providing a clean and sophisticated look while maximizing functionality. Together, they provide a complete and aesthetically pleasing design and user experience for new construction and solid surface applications in the luxury residential market.

“Flush-mounted keypads and touchscreens are rapidly growing in popularity for luxury smart homes,” said Galia Ben-Dor, Co-CEO at WALL-SMART. “We are thrilled to be working with Vantage. This partnership allows Vantage’s sleek keypad interfaces to be integrated into projects that require a flush mount installation for solid surface or new construction applications.”

WALL-SMART designs and manufactures flush wall mounts that skillfully blend practical control and stylish design, effortlessly integrating technology into any wall. The company's wall mounts ensure a smooth integration of elegant keypads, switches, touch panels, tablets, and other devices with robust wall surfaces, preserving the architectural aesthetic of the structure. Their compatibility with Vantage products will bring a new level of functionality and flexibility to any environment. WALL-SMART’s flush wall mounts are offered for Trimline II trims containing Vantage’s EasyTouch keypads, RPTouch keypads, SquareTouch keypads, and wiring devices. The mounts are also compatible with Equinox Touchscreens and adorne® Touch keypads and devices, enhancing Vantage's versatility.

Vantage keypads and user interfaces provide unlimited possibilities while maintaining a high-quality aesthetic appeal. Designs and button styles can be mixed and matched with unique finishes to ensure each system is customized to mirror each user’s personal style.

“Collaborating with WALL-SMART has been incredibly rewarding. Our partnership guarantees seamless integration between WALL-SMART’s flush wall mounts and Vantage’s lighting control products,” said Richard Laliberty, Product Marketing Manager, Vantage & Legrand Shading Systems. “Flush-mounted Vantage products deliver enhanced visual appeal, as they are custom and precisely fit to blend into all spaces. This integration grants more freedom of design to harmonize home aesthetic and technology within residential lighting control projects.”

Only registered WALL-SMART dealers can purchase WALL-SMART flush mount solutions for Vantage projects. To become a dealer, register here.
Legrand®, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, announces today that John Selldorff is retiring at the end of February 2024 after leading Legrand, North & Central America (LNCA) for 22 years as President and CEO. Brian DiBella, current President of the Data, Power & Control division of LNCA, will step into the role March 1, 2024.

"I would like to express my thanks and congratulations to John Selldorff who built Legrand's North & Central America business from a $600 million small manufacturer of switches and sockets, at the time of his appointment, to a leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, including Cable Management, Data Centers, Audio Visual, Building Controls, and Lighting. LNCA has grown to approximately $4 billion and represents around 40 percent of the Group's global revenue today. John also significantly contributed to the Group's development, being the longest-serving member of the Executive Committee," said Benoît Coquart, CEO of Legrand.

"I would also like to congratulate Brian DiBella on his promotion. Brian recently celebrated his 20th year with Legrand and has successfully prepared himself for the role by leading the two largest divisions in the United States (Electrical Wiring Systems and Data, Power & Control). Brian's appointment is also an example of Legrand's commitment to developing talent while enabling employees to achieve their highest potential. Brian's mission will be to continue this approach to building future leadership teams at all levels. I wish Brian and the entire LNCA team great success in the months and years to come," said Coquart.
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