Intense Lighting, a Leviton company, today expanded its extensive line of specification and commercial grade lighting solutions with the introduction of the GX Adapt luminaire. The GX Adapt is an adjustable multi-head accent system featuring 1 to 4 powerful 2" aperture heads nestled in a compact rectangular extrusion. This sleek luminaire is available in pendant and surface mount configurations, allowing it to adapt to any environment.

The GX Adapt is a modern, compact luminaire that redefines the traditional multiple light fixture. It boasts a sleek, small form factor and combines the architectural refinement of Birchwood extrusions and machined endcaps with the renowned optical performance of Intense Lighting. This makes it an ideal choice for offices, hospitality spaces, and high-end retail environments. The GX Adapt is available in pendant and surface mounted configurations, and its stylish design and superior functionality make it a perfect lighting solution for various commercial applications.
  • Powerful 2-inch aperture heads provide up to 800 lumens each in 1 to 4-head configurations
  • Seamless operation with tool-free adjustability
  • Effortless aiming with 30° vertical tilt and 360° horizontal rotation
  • 3.25” extruded housing can be surface mounted or cable suspended
GX Adapt conforms to your environment. The versatile 3.25” extrusion fits seamlessly into any application or makes a bold statement. The optional trim cover plate adds a touch of elegance, but can be left off for a more traditional design.

"GX Adapt marries Intense Lighting's architectural downlighting with our sister brand Birchwood Lighting's precision cut extrusion for a one-of-a-kind luminaire, made with the design community top of mind," said Adam Zepeda, senior director, brand management, Intense Lighting. "The superior adjustability and stylish design of the GX Adapt make it the perfect choice for offices, hospitality spaces and high-end retail environments."

Even with its slim 3.25" square profile, the feature-rich GX Adapt can be adjusted to a recessed or semi-recessed configuration in the field while also providing precise aiming with each head offering 30° of vertical tilt and 360° of horizontal rotation with zero tools required.

"Intense downlights are known for being highly customizable," added Zepeda. "We created the GX Adapt because we wanted to extend these capabilities into a new type of luminaire that puts the power of customization back into the hands of the designers."

Other notable features include the wide optic range from 18° spot to 60° wide flood delivering up to 800 lumens per head, integral driver option, deep dimming options down to 0.1% and field changeable accessories.

Intense Lighting Introduces GX Adapt Multidirectional LED Downlights
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