The Logic Drive 2X is designed to feed power and control to remote fixtures using the POE latest standard IEEE 802.3 bt (power over Ethernet) and TCP/IP for control. The LΩGIC line of fixtures are all driven by the Logic Drive 2X, a compact control unit which provides combined data and power over widely available Ethernet cables using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

PoE systems are convenient, enabling single-wire cable runs up to 100 yards/meters. Logic Drive 2X PoE systems are extremely safe, utilizing Active PoE, a design which makes the system hot-swap capable, allowing for live plugging and unplugging of system devices with no risk of damage to cables, connectors or fixtures. It has 2 output ports and will support a maximum of 92.5 W/port. The Drive 2X includes one LOGIC Wall Con, which is a single gang wall controller that can recall up to 8 recorded scenes from the Drive 2X. Additional Wall Cons may be added to the system, up to 4 pcs on a single controller to have multiple control locations.

The choice of control protocol is yours, whether DMX, Art-Net or sACN. The Drive 2X supports DMX, Art-Net, and sACN control protocols, and includes an integrated webserver to configure the date/time settings, which are used in the daily/calendar trigger.

100W of power are available from each port natively. Adding PoE injectors to the system allows Logic Drive 2X to control up to 40 fixtures per port (up to a total of 80 fixtures).

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