Hobolite, a pioneer in continuous LED lighting equipment for content creators, announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Hobolite Iris. The Hobolite Iris is a small portable continuous LED light for photography and content creation that features optical modifiers and colored gel filters that spark creativity and joy in the art of visual storytelling. With its stylish retro camera design, weather-resistant aluminum body and versatile optical modifiers - including functioning aperture ring - this new bi-color portable light elevates the artistic process through innovation and the playfulness of creativity.

The Hobolite Iris stands out with its sleek IP54-rated aluminum body, wrapped in an attractive vegan leatherette, making it an ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor use. Its unique aperture ring empowers photographers and content creators to adjust from a focused beam to a wide glow, to light stories with precision and style - anywhere and anytime.

The Iris features remarkable color accuracy, with a color range from 2700K to 6500K and high CRI and TLCI ratings of 96+, ensuring that colors are rendered true to life. With the introduction of innovative optical modifiers, a magnetic accessory system, and a built-in battery, the Iris further enhances the experience of shaping moments with light, allowing for extended creativity without the need for constant recharging.

"As creators, our journey begins within ourselves—embracing our vision, our voice," states Helena Bian, Founder and CEO of Hobolite. "With the new Hobolite Iris, we empower creators to explore the magic of light and its impact on the creative process. By aligning the aperture of our lens with the iris of our artistic vision, we paint with the integrity of our own inner light."

The new Hobolite Iris light is available in two kit options to optimize creativity, right out of the box. The Iris Standard Kit contains the Iris light, Adjustable Lens, Frosted Dome, USB cable, V-Mount Plate and stylish protective pouch. The adjustable lens offers versatility with a range from 20 degrees to 45 degrees, complemented by enhanced brightness capabilities that provide a 6x brightness boost for exceptional illumination.

The Iris Creator Kit comprises all the elements featured in the Standard Kit, and features an Aperture Ring, Gel Filters, Magic Lens, Fresnel Lens f/28mm, Adjustable Lens and Frosted Dome.

In addition to the Iris LED lighting kits, Hobolite has also introduced accessory kits for photographers who require additional sets of the modifiers and filters featured in the Creator Kit. Iris Optical Modifier Kit comprises the Fresnel Lens F28mm, Aperture Ring, Magic Lens and is priced at $99.00, while the Colored Gel Filter Essential Pack comprises four gradient color gels inserts priced at $59.00.

The Hobolite Iris Creator Kit and Standard Kit are priced at $199.00 and $99.00 respectively and are available starting May 24th at www.hobolite.com and through authorized retailers.

Hobolite Debuts the Iris: A New Lens on Light
The highly anticipated NAB Show 2024 is set to take place from April 13th to 17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As the world's largest gathering for the broadcasting and electronic media industry, the NAB Show serves as a meeting place for top global broadcast equipment brands and manufacturers, and for cutting-edge technological advancements in the industry, garnering significant attention from media professionals worldwide.

Hobolite will be present at NAB in booth C7910 and will showcase its entire product line, including its Micro, Mini, Mini-X, Avant, and Pro series.

"We are honored to participate in the 101st NAB Show, further showcasing Hobolite's product innovations in the professional film and television industry, as well as our commitment to bringing high-end manufacturing, craftsmanship, and experiential products from China to users worldwide," said Hobolite's founder and CEO, Helena Bian. "In overseas markets, Hobolite has rapidly established itself as a premium segment lighting solutions brand, expanding into North America, Europe, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to empower creators with innovative lighting solutions that elevate their productivity, identity, and creativity."

In the world of Hobolite, the spirit of innovation goes beyond product development. In 2023, the release of Mini-X brought a more adaptable creative experience to global image creators, and this year they will introduce more new series.

Hobolite continues to provide creators with more possibilities and, together with products and services within the Hobolite ecosystem, helps illuminate creative inspiration and turn imagination into reality.

Hobolite Shines at NAB Show 2024
Hobolite, a pioneer in innovative lighting solutions for the photographic and cinematic segments, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bryan Covarrubias as North American Sales Director. With extensive experience spanning over twenty years at renowned companies like Sony, DJI, Think Tank Photo, and Moment, Covarrubias brings a track record of significant growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

As Sales Director, Covarrubias will spearhead Hobolite's initiative to place innovative products into leading photo and cinema retailers across North America. The aim is to streamline and enhance the creative process for both professionals and enthusiasts, ensuring high efficiency and portability in their creative endeavors.

"Hobolite is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and enabling individuals to explore new dimensions of artistic expression," stated Helena Bian, CEO of Hobolite. "With Bryan steering our sales efforts, we are confident in expanding our market presence and equipping more creators with the tools they need for photography, videography, podcasting, and filmmaking."

Hobolite distinguishes itself through a commitment to exceptional design, innovation, and quality, ensuring that its products meet the highest standards for creatives worldwide.

Hobolite Appoints New Sales Director for its North American Market
Hobolite, leveraging over two decades of AEC Lighting Solutions' expertise, announces its new Micro Master Kit. This latest entrant is a testament to Hobolite's mission to blend vintage-inspired design with advanced lighting solutions, aimed at content creators who require mobility and exceptional lighting quality.

The Micro Master Kit features the Hobolite Micro, a compact and powerful light source designed for the modern creator. Despite its small size, the Micro does not compromise on power, delivering an 8W output and a luminous flux of up to 500lm across a full-color spectrum. This makes it an ideal tool for photographers, videographers, and content creators who seek high performance lighting on the go.

The kit is equipped with three detachable Li-ion batteries, ensuring that users can maintain continuous light output without frequent recharging. The Micro's color accuracy is unparalleled, offering a color range from 2700K to 6500K and achieving impressive CRI (96+) and TLCI (96+) values, ensuring authentic color reproduction in all types of projects.

Hobolite has designed the Micro Master Kit with user convenience in mind. The adjustable lens feature of the Micro allows for precise control over the beam angle, ranging from 20-45 degrees. The kit also includes magnetic modifiers such as barndoors, frosted domes, and color gels, enhancing creative flexibility.

The product is engineered for ease of use, featuring quick-mount accessories like the Quick-Lock V-mount ballhead adapter, Micro V-Mount ballhead cold shoe adapter, and an Extendable Desktop Tripod, ensuring setup and adjustments are seamless. The 3-in-1 Charging Dock underscores Hobolite's commitment to functionality, serving multiple roles including power bank, charging station, and battery storage in a single, compact design.

The integration of mobile app control, via built-in NFC technology, and Bluetooth connectivity, supports remote operation up to 65.6 feet, adding to the Micro's versatility. Its durable construction, paired with a chic brown faux leather finish, ensures it stands up to the demands of on-location work, while the active cooling system ensures it remains cool under pressure.

The Hobolite Micro Master Kit is available starting today at authorized retailers and online at www.hobolite.com and is priced at $369.00.

Hobolite Unveils New Micro Master Kit
Hobolite, a leader in design-forward lighting solutions, unveils a limited edition variant of its award-winning Mini series, the Mini Crimson Creator Kit and LiteDock Crimson. This limited edition of the Hobolite product line brings a vibrant aesthetic to the brand's Mini series featuring stylish red vegan leather detailing.

The Mini Creator Crimson Kit honors the boldness of creativity. Both the Mini Crimson Creator kit and LiteDock Crimson retain the acclaimed features and functionality of their original counterparts, now enhanced with an eye-catching crimson red hue that sets them apart in the market.

"The introduction of the Mini Crimson Creator Kit represents the embodiment of our vision to empower artists with exceptional tools that are built to inspire while also integrating into the creative journey. The kit is designed to be seen, blending style with function for creators who choose to see with intention," said Helena Bian, Founder and CEO of Hobolite.

The Mini Crimson Creator Kit and its companion, the LiteDock Crimson, offer a bold and elegant aesthetic for creatives who seek both functionality and fashion in their equipment. The Mini Crimson is a bi-color 20-watt light capable of outputting up to 1600 lumens, running for 50 minutes on its internal battery at full power. The LiteDock Crimson, a matching accessory in red vegan leather, extends the Mini's runtime for an uninterrupted 2.5 hours and can be used as a handle or attached to any light stand, enhancing flexibility and functionality.

Beyond its innovative design, the Mini Crimson Creator Kit features a dual-driver system to ensure consistent and powerful illumination across the temperature range of 2700K - 6700K. The built-in adjustable lens allows for fine-tuning of the light beam from 15°- 45°. The knurled control knobs allow for easy adjustments, and integration with the Hobolite app allows for remote control for up to 65 feet. The magnetic mount design allows for swift attachment or detachment of accessories such as a diffuser dome and color filter gels to the barndoor for a quick change of the light output in seconds.

The Mini Crimson Creator Kit and Crimson Lite Dock are available from February 1 through February 29, 2024 at hobolite.com and select Retailers. The Mini Crimson Creator Kit is priced at $399.00, and the LiteDock Crimson is available for $169.90.

Hobolite Introduces Limited Edition Mini Crimson Creator Kit
Chicago, Illinois -- Hobolite, renowned for its design-forward lighting solutions, unveils its latest innovation, the X-Series. Launching today, the Mini-X and LiteDock-X are the first products built for ambitious photographers and videographers determined to get the shot regardless of weather conditions.

Designed to withstand splashing water and keep out sand and dust while performing in temperatures from -22°to+104°F allows creators to follow their inspiration regardless of the weather. Crafted with the timeless style Hobolite is known for, the X-Series features blue vegan leather, differentiating it from the traditional brown of the regular product line.

"It's not just about crafting a beautiful product but enhancing the creative process for our customers. With the X-Series, we're making professional-grade lighting accessible to every creator, regardless of location. This launch epitomizes our dedication to merging timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality," said Helena Bian, Founder and CEO of Hobolite.

The X-Series introductory products include the Mini-X and LiteDock-X. The Mini-X is a bi-color 20-watt battery-powered light that outputs up to 1600 lumens. The light will run for 50 minutes on the internal battery. For an extended running time, the Mini-X can be paired with the LiteDock-X a 35-kWh battery pack for an uninterrupted 2.5 hours. The LiteDock-X can be used as a handle for the Mini-X, or attached to a light stand.

Beyond its extreme weather design, the Mini-X boasts a range of features that set it apart from other lights on the market. Its dual-driver system ensures consistent and powerful illumination across the temperature range of 2700K - 6700K. The built-in adjustable lens allows for fine-tuning of the light beam from 15°-45°. The knurled control knobs allow for easy adjustments even when wearing gloves, and integration with the Hobolite app allows for remote control. Furthermore, the magnetic mount design allows for swift attachment or detachment of accessories such as a diffuser dome and color filter gels to the barndoor for a quick change of the light output in seconds.

"The technology used in the creation of the X-Series was perfected over years of experience in the work light industry where durability and flexibility are paramount. Artists have always taken inspiration from the outdoors and the world around them; with the X-Series, weather is no longer a detriment to creating art," Bian added.

For more information or to sign up for email updates about Hobolite, visit www.hobolite.com.
New York, NY – (Oct. 16, 2023) – Hobolite, the company creating classically styled lighting solutions for creative professionals, announces it is expanding distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company has partnered with Blonde Robot who will be carrying the suite of lighting products that artfully combines artistic thinking with industrial design in their respective areas.

The lights first launched in the US Market at the beginning of the year, followed by Western Europe in March. The product line combines portability and performance with a design reminiscent of "Old Hollywood." Suitable for all photographers, videographers, and content creators, the products have been well received by the photography and videography community.

"Hobolite is about more than just the creation of a new lighting tool. Created with the intention of making connections with artists and helping them to do their job easier," states Hobolite Founder Helena Bian. "Art is supposed to be everywhere, and these lights combine both art and function. Through our new partnership with Blonde Robot, we are expanding our availability to artists throughout the world."

Blonde Robot is not just an importer and distributor of world leading products for the professional video and content creation markets throughout Australia and New Zealand. With customers totalling over 600 doors across Photo, Video and Consumer Electronics, Blonde Robot prides itself in distributing the “cool stuff”, with some of the best brands available today.

“We are excited to be partnering with the team at Hobolite” said Andy MacFeate, Blonde Robot General Manager “We are confident the Australian and New Zealand markets will love these amazing lighting products.”

Created for artists by artists, Hobolites four continuous lighting solutions – the Micro, Mini, Avant, and Pro – combine classic style with modern performance. Hobolites are designed to function separately or together as one smart cohesive system.

Each Hobolite is outfitted with faux leather side panel accents on the aviation-grade aluminum body. This attention to detail provides a unique style that connects to the personal brand of the on-the-go photographer, videographer, or content creator.

Additional premium features include hand-selected bi-color COBs with consistent color temperatures from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin across all three models. A dual-driver system ensures full power across the color spectrum, with full dimming control, an HD LCD screen, and fan control.

For more information or to sign up for email updates about Hobolite, visit www.hobolite.com.

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