Clara, the latest addition to the Contardi outdoor collection, offers versatile and dynamic lighting options that adapt to different environments and situations.

The classic lantern has been given a modern practical twist, thanks to a rechargeable battery body that can be detached from its position and used as a separate lamp, and a handy hook on the top for hanging it.

Whether you need ambient illumination for a garden gathering or a portable light source for interiors, Clara meets all those needs.

“Clara collection has been created to respond to a request on the part of Contardi to formulate an outdoor collection for the contract market. The result is a portable lantern with a nomadic spirit, which thanks to the company’s incredible expertise and approach to materials broadcasts magical, warm and evocative light.”

Clara, by Chiara Caberlon – CaberlonCaroppi ItalianTouchArchitects
In collaboration with Marco Forbicioni

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