LOFT is an innovative edge lit architectural luminaire that drops directly into a 9/16 or 15/16 T Grid ceiling. The appearance of the fixture's angles create a dynamic ceiling environment which enhances the aesthetic appearance of the space. LOFT comes in a 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 configuration. Edge lit optical-technology allows our fixtures to have perfect lens uniformity, hiding the point source and reducing glare. Through surface-bonded extraction features, we can produce the optimal beam shape for any scenario your job requires. Loft provides designers with more flexibility to integrate high quality illumination with the overall design and most importantly the end users in mind. Complete family of configurations to be used in a variety of applications and spaces. Mix and match sizes and optical configurations to create a one of a kind ceiling plane. Loft’s proprietary optical system provides precise distribution, visual comfort and versatility while keeping the fixture under 4.5″ in height. The Loft requires no on-site assembly, resulting in a fast an efficient installation.
The EZT product family is expanding! ARON Lighting is now offering the EZT luminaire with an extruded diffusion lense for direct lighting. Also with mounting options for specialty wood ceilings. Please contact your local representative to learn more about this exciting and growing product family.

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