Amerlux Launches the Largest 1 Family of Cylinders & Downlights in the Market

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has released the largest 1" family of architectural cylinders and downlights in the market for interior and exterior applications, each providing industry-leading lumen output for beautifully illuminating sophisticated spaces.

Recipient of the Architect's Newspaper's Best of Products Award and the bronze medalist in the 2024 IDA Design Awards for indoor home lighting, the FINCH 1" collection offers output up to 1500 lumens in several configurations, including recessed downlight, wall mount (with window mullion mount), exterior ground mount and surface adjustable with a patent-pending 50-degree tilt mechanism. Domestically engineered and built for high-end residential, retail, commercial and hospitality settings, FINCH is a versatile design tool that can blend in with its interior and exterior applications or stand out as a decorative element for striking visual effects.

"FINCH is now a complete, harmonious collection, one that offers a unified solution for diverse lighting needs such as ambient lighting, focused beams and wall washing with elegance and sophistication.," said Bill Plageman, vice president of marketing at Amerlux. "It also gives designers something they always wanted: another canvas to create beautiful visual elements within their projects. Whether accentuating architectural characteristics, lighting with or without a ceiling, or lighting between wood slat ceilings, FINCH outperforms the competition with the market's highest lumen output and a field-replaceable LED that ensures it lights for life."

FINCH fits comfort, sustainability and architectural aesthetics within an inch in several ways, including:
  • Industry-Leading Output: Discreet 1" aperture delivers accent or general illumination up to 1500 lumens with low surface brightness.
  • Visual Comfort: Deep bevel, solite lens and hexcell louver accessories are available for enhanced glare control.
  • No Escutcheon Plate: No unsightly large holes or visible canopies are required for installation, ensuring a clean ceiling.
  • Design Flexibility: FINCH surface cylinders are easily configurable and adapt to the most demanding applications and ceiling conditions. Each offers a sleek, simple design that goes well with modern architecture and minimalist interiors. FINCH is fun and lively without being too much and can be customized to produce stunning visual impressions, such as blending into large spaces to create a starry sky effect.
  • Two-Tone Finishes: Designers can mix and match the inside and outside finishes of the whole family for a truly customized aesthetic. Standard finish options include black, white, silver, gold, bronze and dark bronze, with others coming soon.
  • Diverse Lengths and Options: FINCH cylinders come in 3", 6", 9", 12" and 18" lengths, and its downlights are available in round and square options, offering a variety of choices to meet design requirements.
  • Weather-resistant: Wet-rated and completely sealed, FINCH exterior cylinders remain dry and illuminated season after season.
Amerlux Carisma Linear Lighting

We are thrilled to announce the latest additions to our best-performing architectural linear collection, Carisma. The Carisma 2” and 3” Pendant offers excellent performance, quality, visuals, and value. Carisma surpasses IES standards, boasting the industry’s highest lumen-per-watt efficiency.

Carisma outperforms the competition in efficiency and lumens per watt, surpassing IES standards and maximizing DLC rebates at a can’t-beat value, ensuring your vision is never value engineered.

✔ Industry-Best Performance for Less
Exceeds DLC requirements and delivers industry-leading efficacy in lumens per watt for maximum DLC rebates.

✔ Preserve Your Vision
Secure design integrity and prevent poor substitutions with budget-conscious, industry-leading linear lighting performance.

✔ Versatile Linear Options
Available as a 2" pendant with direct or direct/indirect distribution, a 2" recessed with direct distribution and a 3" recessed with direct distribution.

✔ Easy Install
Link-it, latch-it, cap-it mechanism ensures a fast, hassle-free installation.

✔ Customizable Sizes
Made-to-measure linear fixtures with performance lenses can be specified to the nearest 1/8".

✔ Straight Light Lines
All-aluminum construction ensures architecturally straight lines of light with high CRI that never run astray.

✔ No Light Leaks
Hardware-free end caps and extended LED reflectors seal in light and prevent leaks.

✔ Endless Design Possibilities
Offers infinite straight runs and patterns to drive any design scenario with ease.

✔ Secure Your Specs
Guarantee on-time, on-site delivery for six months. No timeline, budget and specification changes.
Amerlux is excited to announce the expansion of two premier exterior lighting collections, the Rook X and APQ Pole series. These product additions—a bollard for the Rook X and three decorative pole base options for the APQ pole family—give architects and lighting designers more creative avenues to craft outdoor spaces that beautifully integrate form, function, and aesthetics.

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today the expansion of two premier exterior lighting collections, the Rook X and APQ Pole series. These product additions—a bollard for the Rook X and three decorative pole base options for the APQ pole family—give architects and lighting designers more creative avenues to craft outdoor spaces that beautifully integrate form, function and aesthetics.

The new Rook X Bollard brings a new dimension to the adjustable lighting landscape. By enabling the attachment of up to four Rook X adjustable accents onto a single bollard, this collection delivers unique versatility in illuminating paths and other well-trafficked outdoor areas where a low-level shielded source is desired. Several heights, fixture configurations and a choice of a direct burial or mounting plate installation are available. Optical accessories, including beam shaping films and a hexcell louver, can be configured at the time of order and changed in the field if needed.

Meanwhile, three new decorative options have been added to the APQ Pole family: APQ210, APQ330 and APQ510, each characterized by distinct design features but unified by their quality and suitability for commercial, municipal and utility environments. The aluminum poles are robust and lightweight and offer a six-week lead time, simplifying the ordering process for projects on tight schedules. With 12 decorative styles available for anchor bolt mounting or direct embedding, the APQ Pole collection allows for quick fulfillment to the site without customization.

“These additions to the Rook X and APQ Pole collections represent our continued commitment to meeting the evolving needs of architects and lighting designers,” said Bill Plageman, VP of Marketing at Amerlux. “With these expansions, we’re not just offering more options—we’re providing tailored solutions to the specific challenges our clients face, like integrating seamless designs between indoor and outdoor spaces and ensuring a swift and reliable installation process. They now have an expanded selection of choices to achieve their design vision, whether that involves accentuating certain architectural elements or crafting a particular outdoor ambiance.

More on Rook X Bollard

The Rook X Bollard extends the family heritage of providing architectural solutions for seamless indoor-outdoor architectural integration. The collection includes adjustable accents, wall mounts, pendants and surface mounts, all featuring an integrated driver for simple installation and reliable performance. Customizable options, including decorative glass rings, multiple beam choices and varying aperture sizes, are available.

For durability and longevity in upward-facing applications, the Rook X Bollard features a flush lens and sealed optical chamber that prevents puddles and other water deposits. The knuckle can also be adjusted by more than 180 degrees for precise lighting control.

Finch is here! Artful and designer-friendly, yet secretive and elusive, Finch promises to be an exceptionally rare find. With its sleek and modern design, it fits in and blends seamlessly within any space. Delivering glare-free illumination on target, giving you the freedom to focus on your design, not the lighting

The Finch family of cylinders with a 1” aperture, features exceptional output, flexibility, and a broad range of configurations to provide discreet quality illumination while integrating into the architecture. It is available in a fixed downlight, adjustable (with 50° tilt), wall mount and even exterior ground mount options. Whether installed on ceilings, walls/mullions or the ground, the FINCH family blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

Features & Benefits
  • Discreet and sleek 1" aperture design.
  • Can be used both as an accent or general illumination up to 1500 lm.
  • Two-tone elegant and elevated finishes.
  • Several mounting options make it practical and easy to install.
  • Flexible and sustainable with field-replaceable LED engine and optics.

The Hornet® family of downlights offers high performance in a compact 3.5" size. The Hornet® HP is available in various styles including Downlight, Adjustable, Pinhole Adjustable, Pinhole Adjustable Slot, and Shower Trim. There are also Lensed Downlight and Lensed Wall Wash options, as well as the new lensed Hornet® Select Downlight available in round or square apertures, which provides increased lumen output at an affordable cost. Additionally, there are Remodeler and Trimless options available.

The Hornet HP Select round downlight series provides powerful yet comfortable ambient lighting for retail and commercial spaces without compromising on budget or design. It delivers over 2,200 lumens in a 75-degree distribution and features Solite lensing for visually pleasing aesthetics. The Hornet HP Select offers trimmed, trimless, or millwork trim options and can easily integrate into current Hornet downlight platforms, making it perfect for both retrofit and new construction projects.

We are excited to announce that our Rook X Family is expanding with the Rook X Pole Mount! Taking adjustable lighting to next level, the Rook X Pole Mount creates flexibility in putting light just where needed in any outdoor environment.

The Rook X Pole Mount family takes adjustable lighting to next level. Allowing multiple Rook X Adjustable accents to be pole mounted creates flexibility in putting light just where needed in any outdoor environment. Several standard mounting configurations from 1 to 4 fixtures are available with both versions of the Rook X adjustable fixtures. Various optical accessories, beam shaping films or a hexcell louver can configured at the time of order and can changed in the field if needed.

The family employs solid state technology and precision engineering to provide small scale, but powerful LED solution for landscape, architectural and even post mounted layouts. All components are encapsulated inside a single attractive enclosure designed for superior performance in weather resistant applications. Offered in a choice of beam spreads, finishes, and color temperatures. Two mounting options, and several glare shields are also available.

Meet Stadia, a new opportunity to light your space with a modern aesthetic that integrates fluidly into any design. With its rounded-edge square design, Stadia will soon offer a new opportunity to light your space with a modern aesthetic that integrates fluidly into any design.

Providing even, uniform lighting, this modern, geometrically distinct downlight is tailored for commercial office spaces seeking a gentle touch of tranquility and understated elegance.

Here is a sneak peek at what is coming your way this September!

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