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The F.J. Westcott Company - Manufactures professional photography and video lighting equipment. Maumee, USA.

Westcott is a world leader in professional photography and video lighting equipment. Since Westcott entered the photography market, it's been a major innovator in devising professional light control products. With over 600 items for professional and beginning photographers as well as the scrapbooking and film/video markets, we have continued a long-standing commitment to product innovation.

From Hollywood film studios to college photography classrooms, Westcott lighting gear is being used...

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Take Control of Your Lighting with the Westcott Fusion 10-in-1 Light Control System

Unleash your creativity and conquer any lighting challenge with the Westcott Fusion by Sal Cincotta. Discover endless light shaping possibilities for both natural light and studio settings with no assistants required. This system features 4' x 6' surfaces to diffuse, reflect, and enhance light that covers your entire subject. Adaptable to any terrain, it sets up quickly and packs into a 28” travel case. It can also double as a background, with light mounting and shoot-through bounce options for perfect full-length portraits. Designed for photographers who demand versatility and efficiency, this comprehensive 4’ x 6’ toolkit combines the power of large reflectors, diffusers, scrims, and backdrops into a single, compact solution.

✔ Versatile Light Shaping
With 3 multi-use panels (silver, sunlight, black, white, and diffusion surfaces), easily adapt to any lighting condition, from harsh midday sun to the soft glow of golden hour.

✔ Compact and Portable
Fusion's lightweight aluminum frame and collapsible design, complete with a travel case and shoulder strap, ensure you can bring professional lighting control anywhere.

✔ Quick and Easy Setup
Ready to go in seconds, the system's quick-mount panels and freestanding frame make on-location shoots a breeze.

✔ Limitless Creative Possibilities
Whether you're softening light, filling shadows, or creating dramatic effects with negative fill, Fusion offers endless options to match your vision.

✔ Expand Your Setup
Combine multiple Fusion systems for even more lighting configurations, like V-flats and 2-light setups, all while maintaining a minimal gear footprint.

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The F.J. Westcott Company has a new update entry:

Westcott Introduces the L120-B Ultra-compact 120W Bi-color Light

This ultra-compact 120W bi-color light expands the L Series line of high-quality, color-accurate LEDs for filmmakers, with an SSI of 92 and CRI/TLCI of 98+. It offers exceptional value with durable metal housing and output up to 23,900 lux at 1m with its ultra reflector. A Bowens mount insert is included to utilize a wide variety of Rapid Box Switch portable light modifiers.

The L120-B combines robust build quality, high performance, and color accuracy...

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