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Sportsbeams Lighting - Develops and manufactures high-powered LED lights with patented technology. Round Rock, USA.

Sportsbeams is a technology company in Texas, that designs, engineers and manufactures the most advanced high-powered LED lights with patented technologies.

As the only single glass optic LED fixtures in the industry, Sportsbeams light up sporting venues, convention centers, and other facilities around the world with cutting-edge patented technologies that are setting new standards in the field of LED lighting.

Our passion and dedication for LED lighting shows in our extensive on-going...

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Sportsbeams Lighting Introduces Chromabeams LED 1500

Discover the innovative Chromabeams LED 1500, the ultimate multi-colored lighting solution, elevating stadium experiences, whether for sports or recreational events. The 1500 is a display of RGBAW that the industry has yet to see. Packed with multiple patents, the fixture provides stadium lighting in a whole new color. Famed for its versatility, it illuminates the stadiums of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles, along with numerous international venues. Part of our...

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A compilation of our most recent lighting projects. We are proud to be the only all-in-one LED lights on the market. With broadcast white lights + Chromabeams™ color that offers the capability to instantly switch between millions of different premixed RGB colors. With 10 patents per fixture, we're the only solution on the market capable of this (and at a very cost-efficient price).

More about Sportsbeams:​

Sportsbeams is a lighting technology company headquartered in Texas, known for pioneering and producing high-powered LED sports lighting systems. We design, engineer, and supply our own lights, making our cutting-edge technologies 100% unique to the industry.

Our dedicated team is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of experience. Our fixture designers are Emmy Award winners for LED lighting, bringing pioneered innovation to the industry.

At Sportsbeams, we take pride in our industry-leading LED lights with a zero plastic design. Delivering unparalleled lighting quality, we consistently push the boundaries to create advanced and theatric LED lighting solutions. Our mission is to create extraordinary and unforgettable experiences for you.


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Chromabeams™ is a full-color technology that brings high powered broadcast-quality white light and millions of spectacularly saturated premixed colors all in one fixture. The only true RGB-AW color fixture with our patented single-glass lens. Sportsbeams offers unparalleled vibrancy with lights that have up to 3x the amount of LEDs per fixture (in comparison to popular industry alternatives).

We are the future of LED lighting technology.

Armed with several patented technologies, our Chromabeams™ are the only fixtures in the entire industry that can do both full high-powered tunable sports white and the full spectrum of saturated RGB lights in one fixture. We are also the only sports fixture to not use any plastic in the light path or around the housing.

Although some may claim that their lights are RGB-AW capable, their RGB output is dull in comparison due to the use of plastic lenses. When adding white light to these plastic fixtures, they aren’t bright enough to light a full field (making them inadequate to light any sports game). This is why competitors always add additional lights to account for full white light coverage.

Not us. You can light an entire venue with just Chromabeams™. The only true all-in-one fixture on the market.

The days of HID lights and plastic LED lights are behind us.
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