Need Advice Preferred LED Stage Lighting Software

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Need Advice Preferred LED Stage Lighting Software


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Hello. .
I am coordinating a community theatre and we have a smaller stage (24'W, 16' depth). We have about a dozen RGBA Chauvet Slimpars at our disposal, as well as two nice Chauvet striplights, which we will be installing pretty close to the stage (and above). I can back these up with a couple incandescent stage lights that I can run off of a separate board.

My question. . .what software would you recommend using? I can daisychain everything together, and can feed it into a dongle which I have for a strong Dell computer on Windows 10. I am not looking for flashing lights, swiveling lights, anything like. Just simple, faded "lights up, lights down", with the ability to throw in a specific color at a specific time. Looking for something simple, easy to learn.

Thanks much in advance!
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