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MechaTronix Horticulture Lighting - Produces grow lights for greenhouses, grow rooms, vertical farming facilities. Breda, Netherlands.

With its headquarter in The Netherlands, high-end R&D hubs in Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan, and global distribution facilities in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, MechaTronix leads the world of advanced LED grow lights. As part of the 8 Lakes group with headquarter in Breda The Netherlands the company combines the high-end world of Asian technology and manufacturing with the cores and values of a West European market leader.

We bring new technologies into the world of horticulture assimilation...

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The CoolGrow® VF, a groundbreaking vertical farm lamp that was created out of a collaboration between Colruyt Group and MechaTronix.

Instead of a classic system of light beams that radiate the plants directly, the CoolGrow® VF works with indirect and diffused lighting. The entire growing area is equipped with a highly reflective coating, so that both the ceiling and the side walls become the plant's source of light. The light photons are thus optimally used without any loss of light.

The biggest breakthrough was achieved by the creation of 100% diffuse light, which produced a net increase in photosynthesis and fresh weight of more than 30%. With an extremely high system efficiency of ˃ 4μmol per Joule and a fully dynamic spectrum, crops are optimally controlled. The lamps are equipped with a unique water cooling technology, which allows setups of up to 400 m² per growth line and reduces the OPEX for cooling by 15%.

The combination of all these technologies together gives a new perspective on the future of vertical farming and opens up completely new possibilities.

Together with Colruyt Group, MechaTronix succeeded in making vertical farming commercially feasible on both levels, Capex and Opex, within Western Europe.

The technology, as well as the optics, are globally patented.
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