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LiteTrace - Provider of Bluetooth® wireless commercial lighting control components and software. Ningbo, China.

LiteTrace was founded in 2014 by a sophisticated engineering team with the belief that Bluetooth® technology can fundamentally change the way of commercial lighting control business.

LiteTrace receives UL 1376 verification for security capabilities and is the first to achieve full-stack, in-house R&D for networked sensors and controllers. LiteTrace’s Keilton platform was one of the first systems listed to DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls (NLC5).

LiteTrace provides software services and a...

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LiteTrace has a new update entry:

LiteTrace Introduces New Keilton Controllers For 347V Applications

LiteTrace recently announced the launch of four new 347V controller and power pack models for its Keilton® lighting control system. The new 347V controllers allow easier use of Keilton lighting controls in commercial and industrial facilities in Canada. The four new models are:

PPA102S B1 – 120-347AC Bluetooth® fixture controller with single/dual channel output, 10A relay control, Eco-sensor ready

PPA102S Bluetooth Fixture Controller is network based devices of Keilton lighting...

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