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Products LED Dive Lights | Underwater Flashlights

A dive light is a watertight flashlight carried by a scuba diver to illuminate a dark underwater environment. Every diver needs a light they can count on. Dive lights are specially designed and engineered to deliver dependable illumination for underwater adventures such as night dives, cave dives and wreck dives. Whether to light up caverns, peer inside sunken vessels, examine underwater structures, or to explore the untouched marine wonders, lighting is a critical factor that influences diving safety, task performance and underwater experience. A good dive light is expected to produce underwater visibility at a sufficient depth and distance even when navigating murky water. It should also enable color reproduction of the underwater environment as faithful as possible for accurate performance of the diving task or the enjoyment of a diver’s experience. Divers also use dive lights to signal other divers in adverse conditions or mark their location.


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