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Events IALD Enlighten Europe

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About the event
IALD Enlighten Europe is a boutique conference focused on the unique educational and networking needs of lighting designers. Created by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), the conference is intended to foster meaningful close connections and thought-provoking discussions among the profession’s foremost experts. Architectural lighting designers from around the world attend the IALD Enlighten conferences. IALD Enlighten Europe will foster opportunities to inspire and motivate, moving architectural lighting design into the future.




London to Host IALD Enlighten Europe 2024​

IALD Enlighten Europe 2024, a vital part of the lighting design industry’s leading conference series, is set to take place in the vibrant city of London in June 2024.

Developed by lighting designers, for lighting designers, Enlighten Conferences present top-tier educational sessions led by the brightest minds in the profession. Each event benefits the hundreds of attendees through deep discussion and networking opportunities.

IALD Enlighten conferences bring the worldwide professional community together in a comfortable and respectful environment. It’s a great chance for professionals across the spectrum to meet and connect, including designers, architects, engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Building and maintaining a strong professional network can lead to potential collaborations, valuable feedback, and valuable industry contacts.

The cornerstone of Enlighten conferences is the educational opportunities provided by a full agenda of speaking sessions led by brilliant presenters. Exposure to a diverse range of design projects, case studies, and innovative approaches sparks new ideas and creative solutions. Hearing from industry leaders about their successful projects is both highly motivating and provides fresh perspectives.

In addition to the networking and professional development advantages of attending EE24, being among so many respected industry peers gives us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the vibrance and vitality of professional lighting design. A number of social gathering and reception events are in development to ensure a cheerful, supportive, and memorable conference event.

Held in the entertaining, accessible, and fascinating city of London, IALD Enlighten Europe 2024 promises to be an unforgettable and illuminating experience for all in attendance.

Mark your calendars, talk to your colleagues, and make plans to join us for EE24.
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