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About the event
Eurobike is an international bicycle trade fair held annually since 1991. It serves as the central platform for the bike and future mobility world. The bike show creates a space to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives and forge strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. Eurobike is the hub at the centre of all market developments and aims to shape the transformation of the bike from a leisure and sport device into a central foundation of sustainable future mobility.



Eurobike 2023 meets the high expectations set for it

Frankfurt am Main – All cycleways lead to Frankfurt. In its second edition in the city on the River Main, the Eurobike has underscored its position as the world’s leading trade exhibition for the bicycle and future mobility industry over the past five days of the event. The new peak of more than 1,900 exhibiting companies was also accompanied by growth in terms of visitors, with 34,750 representatives of the trade public and 31,840 end consumers on the weekend (2022: 33,780 on the Business Days and 27,370 on the Festival Days).

New and emerging trends, sustainable concepts, and futuristic ideas – Eurobike 2023 reflects the dynamism with which mobility on two or more wheels is now taking the world by storm. Tens of thousands of visitors took this year’s trade exhibition slogan of “Hello Future” to heart, ensuring a high level of satisfaction among all participant groups. Stefan Reisinger, Managing Director of event organizer fairnamic GmbH, sums up the experience as follows: “This year’s show seamlessly followed on the heels of last year’s success at the premiere in the new venue. We were able to make progress both quantitatively and qualitatively and have great momentum behind us. The charisma and drawing power that the industry currently needs could be found here in Frankfurt. This will make the Eurobike a driver of the transportation revolution and put even more focus on bicycles, e-bikes, and light electric mobility.”

The exhibiting companies also have very positive impressions to share from the five vibrant days of the fair. Bernhard Lange, Managing Partner of Paul Lange & Co. OHG, explains: “Eurobike 2023 was a complete success. The increased number of national and international visitors demonstrates that the trade exhibition has arrived in its new home in Frankfurt and has definitively reclaimed its status as the world’s leading trade exhibition for the bicycle industry. Everyone is aware that challenging months are still to be expected, of course. But with the positive, optimistic, and resolute mood that was noticeable throughout the fair, the Eurobike is sending a very important signal. After all, it was made abundantly clear in Frankfurt that cycling is indispensable as a core component of a modern and sustainable mobility universe. Great times lie ahead for the industry in the medium term.”

Visitors came to Messe Frankfurt from a total of 122 countries, ensuring an incredible atmosphere on 150,000 square meters of hall space, which included a large outdoor area, until the event finally came to an end on Sunday. Manufacturers of e-bikes, sports bikes, and everyday bikes and new, sustainable forms of mobility were represented at the Eurobike, as were accessory vendors, suppliers, service providers, and trade organizations. Overall, it was possible to register a positive mood of optimism, which also strongly radiates into the policymaking sphere and global media landscape. At the National Cycling Congress held as an accompanying event to Eurobike, Hesse’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport, and Housing Tarek Al-Wazir had the following to say: “I was particularly pleased that the National Cycling Congress could be held in conjunction with the Eurobike for the first time. This demonstrates the economic importance of cycling and intensifies the exchange between the various stakeholders.” There is a broad consensus in Frankfurt that climate change, digital transformation, urbanization, and demographic change are bringing humanity to a turning point. Only together with all stakeholders in the cycling and mobility industry can we succeed in overcoming the incredible challenges of our time.

The 31st Eurobike also offered a strong showcase of new products, with some 200 world premieres reported and more than 300 entries submitted for the Eurobike Award. Heiko Müller, founder and Managing Director of Riese & Müller, is convinced that the industry can enter the new season with a sense of optimism: “The market and our products and innovations are definitely ready for the future, and the bicycle industry has the power to revolutionize mobility.” The walk through the exhibition halls made it clear that the e-bike is and remains the proverbial motor of progress. Completely new target groups will be tapped into here in the future.

In addition to the trade public, enthusiasm for cycling also stirred end consumers to visit the trade exhibition over the weekend on the Eurobike Festival Days. 31,840 bicycle enthusiasts were amazed by the show performances of world stars of the trial and BMX scene, feverishly cheered on the participants in the Bembel-Crit bike race, extensively tested new cycling innovations in the Demo Area, and learned about international bike travel options in the Bike Travel Area. “For two days, the industry celebrated bicycles and micromobility with all bike fans. The response to all of this has been great, and we have been able to spark enthusiasm on a broad basis to get more people on bicycles in the future,” says Eurobike Project Manager Dirk Heidrich. The high level of visitor satisfaction, reaching 94 percent, was confirmed across all five days of the fair.

Eurobike 2024
The 32nd Eurobike will take place on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt from Wednesday, July 3, to Sunday, July 7, 2024. Festival Days: Saturday and Sunday. Further information is available at:
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