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BrainLit - With BioCentric Lighting™, we bring daylight indoors. Lund, Sweden.

Based in Lund, Sweden, BrainLit has mastered the science of simulating the important aspects of daylight indoors to improve the health, cognitive performance, and sleep of people. The company was founded in 2012 by Tord Wingren, one of the inventors of Bluetooth technology.

BrainLit’s business is based on a deep understanding of light’s impact on human physiology. Our goal is to set the global standard for healthy lighting. Our expertise lies in designing light recipes and innovative...

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BrainLit Presents Biocentric Lighting Solutions for Education Environments

The physical learning environment can influence student academic success and behavior. A calmer school environment and higher grades through Biocentric lighting! With the rise in indoor activities, it's crucial to create an optimal indoor environment that supports the student’s health and learning. Studies have shown that Biocentric Lighting in classrooms leads to remarkable benefits, such as:

🌟 Higher grades and test results - Biocentric Lighting has been proven to enhance cognitive...

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BrainLit has a new update entry:

BrainLit and Sehlhall Collaborate Using UVC Light to Reduce Risk of Spreading Infection

We're thrilled to share that Sehlhall Fastigheter is taking bold steps to enhance safety in healthcare facilities by partnering with BrainLit. Sehlhall, Sweden's premier developer of sustainable social infrastructure, is deploying BrainLit's revolutionary disinfection system, UVEN.

UVEN sets a new standard in creating safer and more hygienic disinfected communal spaces. With cutting-edge technology UVEN utilizes UVC light to deactivate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens automatically and...

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