Products Architectural Area and Street Lights

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Products Architectural Area and Street Lights

Architectural area and street lights are aesthetically pleasing light fixtures designed to blend with the outdoor architectural environment. Strictly speaking, area lights are installed to illuminate geometric areas such as squares, campuses, and parks; street lights serve the illumination of arterials, collector roads, local streets, pedestrian walkways, and bikeways. For convenience of description, we call these two groups of products as street lights. Street lighting is provided to help vehicle drivers with the identification of objects and obstacles, lend adequate visibility to pedestrians and cyclists, and enhance personal security of pedestrians.

Designing an appropriate outdoor lighting system involves the systematic consideration and integration of many elements. While enhancing the visual environment for people to safely use road systems and outdoor areas during hours of darkness, street lighting is also required to address some special aesthetic requirements from applications in some urban or themed environments (e.g., important roadways entering and leaving the city, city centers, commercial developments, and recreational districts).

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