Showcase Advanced LED Driver Chip with RDM Protocol – Enhance Your Lighting Solutions

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Showcase Advanced LED Driver Chip with RDM Protocol – Enhance Your Lighting Solutions


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We specialize in developing high-quality LED driver IC, and I am excited to introduce our latest product GS8808 specifically for applications such as stage lighting, outdoor wall washers, point lights, and linear lights. The GS8808 is the world’s first LED driver IC with built-in RDM protocol.
RDM is an extension of the DMX512 protocol. Through the RDM protocol, communication between the control console and lighting fixtures can be established, allowing for real-time monitoring of thousands of lighting fixtures from a control room using a computer.

Our new LED driver chip with built-in RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, offers significant advantages for your lighting solutions:

1. Real-Time Monitoring: The RDM protocol allows for real-time monitoring of the status of each light. This feature enables users to detect and diagnose any issues instantly.

2. Enhanced Maintenance: By providing detailed feedback on the status of your lights, our driver chip helps in quickly identifying and locating any lights that are malfunctioning. This reduces the time and cost associated with maintenance.

3. Improved Efficiency: With the ability to promptly address and resolve lighting issues, your system's overall efficiency and reliability are significantly enhanced.

4. Cost Savings: The reduction in maintenance time and effort translates into considerable cost savings over the life of the installation.
We believe this advanced LED driver chip will greatly benefit your lighting projects by improving performance and reducing operational costs.
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