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Products Adjustable Machine Work Lights | Machine Mounted LED Task Lights

Machine task lighting is intended to provide adequate illumination of workpieces so they can be precisely produced, and the entire machining process is safely and efficiently carried through. An adjustable machine light is designed with spatial flexibility to provide lighting that is adaptable to task needs. Visual tasks performed on or inside a machine often require a specific quality and quantity of light that is not readily provided by ceiling mounted lights. Furthermore, the orientation of a workpiece is not always horizontal. It can also be vertical or intermediately inclined in between.

By installing the light source in close proximity to a workpiece and giving users control over the position and orientation of the light source, very precise, glare-free lighting can be adjustably delivered to a defined target plane that often occurs in three dimensions. Flexibly controllable task lighting is an indispensable part of machinery design as visual conditions significantly affect quality control, productivity and safety. Adjustable task lights find their footprints in many types of industrial machinery and equipment such as lathes, mills, drill presses, laser cutters and electric discharge machines.

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