lighting techniques

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    Knowledge What is task lighting?

    Task lighting is employed to illuminate an area where a specific task takes place. Task lighting ensures ample, focused light to support visual performance. It's a fundamental component of a layered lighting design in which lighting is composed of ambient, task and accent layers. Task lighting...
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    Knowledge What is ambient lighting?

    Ambient lighting is the primary layer of light in an interior space. It's designed to fill a space with a soft level of overall light that makes navigating the space visually comfortable while providing other basic visual recognition. Although ambient lighting is often referred to as general...
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    Knowledge What is general lighting?

    General lighting is designed to provide a substantial uniform level of illuminance throughout an area. This level of illumination all parts of a room can be safely navigated and establishes the overall impression an occupant has of the space. In a layered lighting scheme, general lighting is...
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    Knowledge What is wall wash lighting?

    Wall washing is a form of accent lighting that involves illuminating a wall from top to bottom (or from bottom to top) in a smooth, graded wash of light. Wall wash lights create an even wide flood of light that bathes an entire wall in uniform light. A uniform distribution of illuminance across...
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    Knowledge What is wall grazing?

    Grazing is a technique used to bring out the textured beauty of an interior or exterior vertical surface or architectural element. Grazing enhances a wall by placing the light fixture closer to the wall and aiming the beam upward or downward. How close the light fixture should be to the wall...
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    Knowledge What is cove lighting?

    Cove lighting utilizes perimeter coves to conceal light sources. Light is bounced toward the ceiling or upper wall, projecting a pleasant lighting pattern on the ceiling and providing a soft, low level ambient light for the space. Light sources are shielded by a ledge or horizontal recess. Cove...
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    Knowledge What is valance lighting?

    Valance lighting is provided by a length of light module shielded by a panel parallel to the wall at the top of a window. Light produced by the shielded light module bounces both upward and downward, which minimizes shadows and glare.
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    Knowledge What is cornice lighting?

    Cornice lighting, also known as soffit lighting, directs light down from behind a soffit or cornice, washing the wall with light. The light source or light fixture is shielded by a panel parallel to the wall and attached to the ceiling. Modern cornice lighting is usually provided by LED strip...
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    Knowledge What is accent lighting?

    Accent lighting directs concentrated beams of light to emphasize a particular object or surface feature, or to draw attention to a part of the field of view. Accent lighting is designed to provide focal illumination for highlighting objects such as paintings, photos, sculpture, or merchandise...