Sense the power of light! ams OSRAM is excited to be at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from March 3 to 8. At the trade fair, we will present to you our innovations from the fields of street lighting, building management, location within buildings, UV-C applications, and horticulture. Also, our broad portfolio of innovative LEDs, spectral sensors, and ambient light sensors is part of our exhibition. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth: Hall 8, booth 8.0, F30.

Premstaetten, Austria, and Munich, Germany (February 20, 2024) -- “Sense the power of light”: In line with this motto, ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, will showcase its cutting-edge technologies at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from March 3 to 8, 2024.

At the trade fair, the focus will be on innovations from the fields of street lighting, building management, location within buildings, horticulture. The broad portfolio of innovative LEDs, spectral sensors and ambient light sensors is simply ideal for designing miniaturized and efficient solutions. Whether in working or home environments, customers thus benefit from a huge number of design options ensuring excellent performance and maximum precision at all times. Latest-generation LED outdoor lighting solutions enhance both safety and quality of life on public roads and squares, whereas people counting and facial recognition via infrared cameras are constantly gaining in importance in home and building automation.

State-of-the-art LED technology to optimize lighting quality and performance in cities
The Power of Light" is particularly important in public spaces: high-quality lighting ensures that people feel safe, at ease and comfortable. With the AXIA 3 EVO, Schréder is presenting an innovative and powerful luminaire, using OSLON® Square by ams OSRAM. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of residential streets and living spaces where well-being and safety are key criteria. The premium chip technology ensures excellent performance, long life and high reliability even under harsh operating conditions. Another major plus point: the compact light engine enables significant energy savings!

The innovative Levante 2.0 platform solution created by our customer Cariboni Group is based on a complete, outstandingly flexible system for lighting empty and full urban locations, such as pathways, spaces and architecture. At the core of this sophisticated luminaire is the latest OSCONIQ® S5050 generation, boasting superior efficiency, long service life and high reliability, even in extremely harsh climatic conditions. Developers are free to combine any light distribution (street and asymmetrical) with any fixing system to create ingenious and flexible configurations for any field of application.

Perfectly staged: The latest generation of the OSLON® Pure family opens up numerous individual options for retail customers

Impressive lighting experiences, accent lighting or signal effects: Retail lighting solutions can create positive emotions, encourage customers to make purchases, and showcase certain products in just the right light. The OSLON® Pure product family boasts a large color spectrum and an excellent lumen density. This makes it ideal for use in retail lighting spots – especially in sales spaces where extremely compact LEDs with a very high light output are required to showcase goods in the perfect light. The effortless scalability of the LEDs gives our customers great flexibility in composing lighting solutions optimally tailored to suit individual needs. With its latest OSLON® Pure 1414, ams OSRAM is now launching a next generation of OSLON® Pure 1010 featuring strongly improved performance: simply perfect for professional use in indoor and retail lighting applications, but also ideal for special fields such as architectural and stage lighting, where a high luminous flux density is key.

Intelligent networking of living spaces: That’s what our daily lives will be like in the future, thanks to smart digitalization

The digitalization of buildings is progressing continuously, providing for more comfort, safety and protection while at the same time reducing energy consumption. As a major trendsetter and a reliable partner, ams OSRAM will even present several highlights from its portfolio within the scope of various product demonstrations at Light + Building this year. The highly compact MIRA050 image sensor is designed for 2D and 3D applications in industrial image processing. It mainly stands out due to its small size, user-friendly configurability, and superior sensitivity.

ams OSRAM’s new premium partner Calumino incorporates this innovative sensor family from the company in its Artificial Intelligence-supported thermal sensors that generate individual data records for various scenarios: from data privacy-compliant people counting in rooms to buildings to critical asset monitoring.

The Teknique partner company even uses solutions from ams OSRAM: the BELAGO laser dot projector which projects a grid of small infrared dots onto a user's face; the OSLON Black Infrared (IR) flood illuminator which emits infrared (IR) light onto the face, as well as various image sensor options from the MIRA family which capture an 3D infrared image of the user's face. This is then computed into a generic 3D map which can be further processed in higher level biometry algorithms.

Producing sustainably and locally grown food with Horticulture Grow Light for vertical farming: harvest-fresh fruit and vegetables, whatever the season of the year

In light of climatic change, a continually growing world population and increasing urbanization, vertical farming is becoming more and more relevant as a simple and sustainable solution for the growing of crop plants. Appropriate lighting and sensor solutions enable efficient monitoring of plant growth, optimize yields, minimize the use of fertilizers and reduce energy costs. To meet the food supply needs of today’s world, ams OSRAM as technology leader is continuously driving efficiency and performance straight forward and preparing the launch of new innovative products for 2024. Experts of ams OSRAM are available at the L+B trade fair and will readily provide interested visitors with first-hand information on the future horticulture options.

ams OSRAM to Present Its Latest Product Highlights at Light + Building 2024
ams OSRAM Introduces the OSLON® Submount PL Gen3 Top-contact LEDs

Introducing the OSLON® Submount PL Gen3: These top-contact LEDs are versatile and cost-effective light sources for cost-optimized lamp systems in entry-level vehicles, EVs, or standard equipment. They offer the flexibility to choose between two different LEA sizes, (1030µm)² and (1150µm)², allowing you to prioritize either a combination of luminance and efficiency or pure efficiency.

The OSLON® Submount PL is a versatile solution that can meet various output and adaptability requirements in different ambient conditions. It provides a uniform light pattern, thermal stability, and impressive brightness. With its top contact LED design, the OSLON® Submount PL allows for direct mounting onto a heatsink, resulting in significant cost reduction for the PCB. The OSLON® Submount PL is capable of meeting a wide range of output and adaptability requirements, while also offering a uniform light pattern, thermal stability, and high brightness.

  • Latest chip and conversion technology Improved brightness performance
  • Two different LEA sizes (1030µm²) and (1150µm²) available
  • Ceramic package with top electrode contacts
  • Direct attach of whole LED Backside on heatsink
  • Compatible with other Submounts
  • New FWL Single Color Binning

  • Improved brightness performance
  • Freedom of choice no matter if you need highest efficacy or best combination of luminance and efficacy
  • Best thermal management because whole bottom side of the device can be used for heat dissipation
  • Lower head lamp cost due to no need of high thermal performance PCBs
  • Easy replacement
  • It is possible to order just one single bin
ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, today launched a series of sidelooker, low-power LEDs that simplify design, are easier to implement and enables the creation of a homogeneous appearance in extended light bars and other automotive rear lighting applications.

Today, an automobile rear combination lamp (RCL) requires a complex and deep optical assembly consisting of diffusers and light guides to spread the bright points of light from conventional toplooker LEDs without producing visible dark and bright spots.

By replacing toplooker LEDs with the SYNIOS® P1515 sidelookers, automotive manufacturers can achieve a smooth, homogeneous appearance across the width of the vehicle. With the same number of LEDs as in a toplooker-based arrangement, an RCL or turn indicator can be produced with a far thinner and simpler optical assembly. This opens up new potential to create dramatic and distinctive shapes in new RCL designs.

Alternatively, a homogeneous appearance can be achieved with the same depth of optical stack as for toplooker LEDs, but with substantially fewer LEDs and LED drivers. With this option, the lamp manufacturer benefits from a reduced bill-of-materials cost and a simpler circuit configuration.

“With the introduction of this sidelooker innovation, ams OSRAM is bringing new value to manufacturers of automotive rear lighting – it enables superior optical performance at lower cost. ams OSRAM simulations indicate a design based on the SYNIOS® P1515 can reduce the number of LED units and drivers required by as much as 66 percent1 compared to equivalent toplooker-based designs while maintaining a very high level of homogeneity,” said Michael Lobenhofer, Product Marketing Manager for automotive exterior lighting at ams OSRAM.

“The innovative operation of the SYNIOS® P1515 LEDs also enables the design of new super-sleek rear light bars that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product to discerning car buyers.”

The AEC-Q102 qualified SYNIOS® P1515 LEDs produce a side-emission output with uniform 360° light intensity all round the device. Light is also emitted from the top of the LED, but at lower intensity than from the sides, to ensure that applications such as extended rear light bars can be easily realized with no bright or dark spots.

The side-emission pattern of the SYNIOS® P1515 LEDs is enabled by proprietary ams OSRAM optical packaging technology. ams OSRAM sidelooker LEDs are already widely used in the backlighting for high-performance automotive displays.

The SYNIOS® P1515 family is available for sampling in red (621 nm), super-red (633 nm) and yellow (587 nm) now. Production volumes are available now. For more information, go to Automotive & Mobility page.

Happy to announce that our OSLON® Black and SYNIOS P2720 IR LED series, renowned for industrial applications, are now available in 920 nm wavelength!

This development is essential, particularly in the realm of biometrics (2D face recognition) and consumer tech (smart doorbells). The 920 nm wavelength enhances IR camera performance, striking the perfect balance between sensor sensitivity and minimizing the reddish glow.

As we continue to innovate, this variant of our product series becomes the go-to choice for those in the camera-based illumination systems field, seeking the optimum compromise between the high-power 850 nm and 940 nm IR LEDs.

For its well-known OSLON® Black and SYNIOS P2720 Infrared (IR) LED product series, ams OSRAM is now introducing a new variant with a wavelength of 920 nm. Read more about this in the following product update:

Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany (11 December 2023) -- The well-known OSLON® Black and SYNIOS P2720 IR LED product series, which are mainly deployed in industrial facilities, are now also available with a wavelength of 920 nm. The technologies are used primarily in biometrics (e.g. 2D face recognition) and consumer applications (e.g. smart doorbell). Brighter IR illumination at the optimum wavelength of 920 nm enables the IR camera to see a better image of a person by optimizing the necessary compromise between sensor sensitivity and reddish glow.

The new variant of the product series is thus the perfect choice especially for customers working on camera-based illumination systems who are looking for the ideal compromise between an 850 nm and a 940 nm high-power IR LED.

About OSLON® Black
The OSLON® Black high-power infrared emitters are available in the 850 nm, 920 nm and 940 nm wavelengths. The devices combine a particularly high total optical flux and small housings with a base area of only 3.75 × 3.75 mm² for a high-density assembly.

Further advantages include a very high total radiant flux at 1 A DC, low thermal resistance for operation at high ambient temperatures, as well as high-current DC operation.

About SYNIOS® P2720
The SYNIOS® P2720 products stand out due to a very low height of 0.6 mm and are thus ideal for narrow applications that still require high efficiency. The products do not come with an integrated lens, but secondary optics are available for narrow beam angles.

The compact design with high power output makes the infrared LED ideal for security applications, 2D face recognition, as well as gesture recognition in consumer and industrial applications.
The new 8-inch manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia

ams OSRAM is developing a new chip manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia. By increasing its manufacturing capacity, the company is supporting the semiconductor industry’s efforts to mitigate pressure on the global chip supply chain, as well as meeting increasing demand for more advanced, energy-efficient chips for state-of-the-art mobility, computing, and connectivity applications.

This increase in semiconductor production capacity must also take into account another customer requirement: sustainability. Customers increasingly want the products they buy to be both sustainable and sustainably produced. Eventually, the goal must be to eliminate CO2 emissions completely from the manufacturing process. Our customers set great store by their ‘green’ reputation, and the concern over sustainability extends to the products they buy: this means they should be manufactured as energy- and resource-efficiently as possible, under fair working conditions and with respect for human rights.

Of course, all industrial and manufacturing activity inherently has an impact on the environment, and on resources. ams OSRAM has set itself ambitious targets to keep its impact as low as possible, for example by applying strict regulations to suppliers and contracted companies, and through a commitment to achieving CO2-neutral production by 2030.

The new 8-inch Kulim manufacturing facility is an important element of ams OSRAM’s sustainability program. It will be the first fully automated 8-inch wafer fab for optical semiconductors in the world. Using the latest technologies and processes for high-volume semiconductor fabrication, it will mainly produce advanced LEDs and microLEDs. Alongside other elements of our technology portfolio, these optical products help to address global challenges such as climate change and the pressure on resources and urbanization, as well as helping customers to improve quality of life in domains such as health, safety, and mobility.

Read our interview with Roland Mueller to learn more.
We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation: A high performance three-in-one emitter, engineered to advance vital sign monitoring in wearable devices. The SFH 7018 enables improved quality of heart rate and blood oxygen measurements for wearables. It surpasses existing products with a notable enhancement in radiant intensity, paired with its unique two-cavity design.
  • The new SFH 7018 red/green/IR LED increases total radiant intensity by more than 40 percent over the previous generation product. The green emitter’s radiant intensity is more than 100 percent higher in one of the two versions of the product. Internal research shows that the SFH 7018 is one of the highest performing products on the market.
  • Brighter LEDs in combination with two-cavity design enable higher accuracy for heart rate and blood oxygen saturation measurements.
  • The compact form factor and the optimal LED spacing improve system performance and increase ease-of-integration into end-product designs.

Premstaetten, Austria and Munich, Germany (4 December, 2023) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensing and emitting, released a new multi-LED package which offers more than 40 percent higher radiant intensity than the previous generation product, resulting in higher accuracy PPG (photoplethysmography) measurements in smart watches, wristbands and other wearable devices.

The SFH 7018 features a highly reflective QFN (Quad Flat No Leads) package for significantly increased light output. In addition, an improved two-cavity design separates the green LED from the red LED and infrared (IR) LED: the spacing and optical isolation ensure that the light sources are optimally placed relative to their photodiodes and reduce interference between the green light (for heart rate measurements) and the red light and IR source (for blood oxygen saturation, or SpO2, measurements). Furthermore, the green chip does not cause the red and IR chips to fluoresce due to cross-excitation from the shorter wavelength.

The optimized form factor of the surface-mount QFN package – just 0.6 mm high – makes it easy to integrate the module into any type of wearable device. Despite its compact size, the SFH 7018 provides dual driving capability with optimized forward voltage headroom and reduced overall power consumption.

Dr. Sergey Kudaev, Senior Staff System Architect at ams OSRAM, said: ‘By using the new SFH 7018, manufacturers of wearable devices can dramatically improve the quality of the optical signals on which heart rate and blood oxygen measurements are based, making them more accurate and reliable in all operating conditions. The SFH 7018 can help to transform vital signs measurements into accurate and absolute determinations of heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even more advanced parameters, such as blood pressure.’

Higher radiant intensity increases the signal-to-noise ratio

The SFH 7018’s improvement in radiant intensity is dramatic: the red and IR LEDs are more than 40 percent brighter than in the existing SFH 7016, and the green LED in the SFH 7018A version of the product is 80 percent brighter, while in the SFH 7018B version, the green LED is more than twice as bright. The brightness of the SFH 7018 at each of the red, green and IR wavelengths also greatly exceeds that of today’s best-performing competing product.

Since all vital signs monitoring devices face the challenge to detect little modulations of already small light signals, the result of scattering and absorption in tissue (depending on various factors), the amount of light emitted by the LEDs strongly affects system performance. When more light is modulated by the blood flow and subsequently reaches the photodiode, signal quality improves, yielding higher accuracy and better repeatability of measurements. The SFH 7018 enables this superior performance by emitting more light into the body.

The SFH 7018 is available in two versions: SFH 7018A is optimized for low forward voltage at high currents, allowing for operation without a costly voltage booster. SFH 7018B is optimized for maximum radiant intensity.

Both variants are in volume production now. For more information or to request samples, please visit our product websites:

Redefining Vital Sign Monitoring: ams OSRAM Unveils Next-Generation High-Performance Emitter
ams OSRAM releases RGB versions of high-power OSTAR® Projection Compact LEDs for machine vision and stage lighting. High current density, very low thermal resistance and low-profile mean that lighting equipment manufacturers can increase brightness while reducing system size.
  • High current density, very low thermal resistance and low-profile mean that lighting equipment manufacturers can increase brightness while reducing system size
  • Flat LED package for easy integration and closest mounting of optics to light emitting surface (LES)
  • With new Red, True Green and Blue LEDs alongside the existing White version, the OSTAR Projection Compact family provides flexible optical design options in applications from machine vision and stage lighting to projectors and architectural lighting

Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany – ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, today adds Red, True Green and Blue colors to its OSTAR Projection Compact family of low-profile, ultra-high brightness LEDs, to enable manufacturers of machine vision systems or stage lighting fixtures to create more powerful and slimmer products. ams OSRAM already offered a White option in this package specification, that time known as OSLON Boost.

The new LEDs are ideal for premium high-power lighting products because of their high current density and very high brightness. Featuring a new rectangular ams OSRAM 2 mm2 chip, these LEDs produce very high luminous output – the True Green version is the brightest 520 nm product in its class (1000 lm at 6 A).

The OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs can be packed very closely together in high-power luminaire designs because of their excellent thermal dissipation and small, flat package. The thermal resistance is just 1.4 K/W, while the 4040 package has dimensions of 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.75 mm. The LEDs’ low profile enables lighting equipment and vision system manufacturers to reduce the size of their products without compromising brightness and performance.

Compared to competing products with a domed primary lens, the flat package of the OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs makes them very easy to couple into optics, giving considerable flexibility to optimize the optical performance of the products for individual applications. All the OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs share the same footprint, enabling easy exchanging of colors in variants of a single board design.

Winfried Schwedler, Marketing Manager of ams OSRAM, said: ‘The excellent current-carrying capability, low thermal resistance and low profile of the OSRAM OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs means that machine vision products and stage lighting equipment can produce an impressively powerful output in any color. These LEDs can also offer high value in projectors and in architectural lighting units such as wall washers.’

Key features of the OSTAR Projection Compact family are:
Part numberColorMaximum output power at maximum current
KR CULPM1.23Red650 lm at 6 A
KT CULPM1.13True Green1000 lm at 6 A
KB CULPM1.14Blue7200 mW at 8 A
KW CULPM1.TGWhite1700 lm at 10 A

New OSLON® Submount PL LEDs support direct mounting to heatsink to provide system cost savings in standard low- or high-beam headlamps. Available in two sizes of light emitting area, giving the choice to optimize for efficacy or to achieve the ideal balance between luminance and efficacy. Supplied in a standard submount footprint, the OSLON® Submount PL is a drop-in replacement for less bright competing products.


Premstaetten, Austria and Munich, Germany -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, today launches the next generation of its popular OSLON Submount PL family of LEDs, offering higher brightness and more design flexibility to manufacturers of automotive forward lighting modules and products.

The third-generation OSLON® Submount PL LEDs are around 9 % brighter than the second generation based on internal data. This gives automotive manufacturers the potential to reduce the system cost of new headlamp designs. With the introduction of the new Gen3 products, the OSLON® Submount PL family is expected to maintain its strong market position in standard static headlamps for entry-level vehicles and electric vehicles.

ams OSRAM provides the OSLON® Submount PL Gen3 family in variants with one of two options for the light emitting area (LEA), giving headlamp manufacturers the flexibility to meet different customer specifications in a product with a single board layout:
  • The (1030 µm)2 LEA option provides a balance between high luminance and high efficacy.
  • The (1150 µm)2 LEA option is optimized for efficacy.

Philipp Puchinger, Product Marketing Manager for Automotive Forward Lighting at ams OSRAM, said: ‘These new LEDs are equally applicable to static headlamp designs, in which the light source is mounted directly on the heatsink, eliminating the need for a high-performance PCB, and to standard modules, in which the LED is mounted on an open-frame housing. In both cases, the introduction of the latest generation of OSLON® Submount PL LEDs gives automotive manufacturers a roadmap to higher efficacy and lower system costs.’

Superior performance and quality

The new LEDs maintain the characteristics of quality and value offered by earlier generations of the OSLON® Submount PL product line. They are supplied in tightly specified single-color bins, enabling manufacturers to streamline their inventory and to simplify the assembly process. The LEDs also offer high thermal stability and a uniform beam pattern characterized by homogeneous color-over-angle radiation.

The OSLON® Submount PL Gen3 products are available for sampling now with a (1030µm)2 LEA. The part numbers are KW2 C2LNL3.TK (two-chip module) and KW3 C3LNL3.TK (three-chip module).

Versions with a (1150µm)2 LEA will be available for sampling from December 2023. Part numbers are KW2 C2LPL3.TK (two-chip module) and KW3 C3LPL3.TK (three-chip module).

For more technical information or to request samples, go to our Automotive & Mobility page.
Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany – ams OSRAM, the market leader in automotive lighting, is expanding its renowned series of LED retrofit lamps. With the street-approved OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED, drivers can legally, easily and cost-effectively upgrade their conventional H1 halogen low-beam and high-beam head-lights to LED technology.

Thanks to the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H4 and H7 LED lamps, motorists in Germany can already benefit from LED retrofit lamps on more than 200 models from different vehicle manufacturers. The launch of the new NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED opens up this benefit to at least 19 further models with H1 sockets. The number of compatible models is ever growing – the full list can be found here.

The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED produces bright white light with a color temperature of up to 6,000 Kelvin. A special feature of the LED retrofit lamp is its low level of glare, which is up to 40 percent less than the permitted maximum value². Despite its high output, the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED consumes up to 55 percent less energy than conventional lamps thanks to its advanced LED technology. This also has a positive effect on the lamp’s longevity. Together with the specially developed compact, vibration-resistant design, it results in a service life up to five times longer³. Upgrading from halogen to the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED does not require any modifications to the vehicle so anyone with a reasonable level of competence can do it, or it can be done the next time the car is being serviced.

The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED is vailable now for 144.99 euros (RRP).

ams OSRAM is constantly working on wider approval of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® LEDs. Retrofit lamps are available for a variety of contemporary motorcycles, classic cars, trucks and motorhomes in addition to cars. This is yet another way in which ams OSRAM is making an important contribution to road safety. For a list of compatible vehicle models please click on this link.

¹ Approved LED vehicle light. Applies only to countries in which approval has been granted or for which a comparable approval applies, and to vehicle models and lighting functions currently indicated in the compatibility list. For more details go to
² Compared to the minimum requirements of ECE R112.
³ Compared to traditional halogen lamps.

Premstätten, Österreich and Munich, Germany (11 October 2023) – ams OSRAM, the market leader in automotive lighting, is launching its first street-approved1 LED retrofit lamps for motorcycles. Motorcyclists can now upgrade their old halogen lamps legally, easily and cost-effectively with the NIGHT BREAKER® H4-LED. They will then be able to see and be seen better at all times – especially at night.

The award-winning OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® family is already a firm favorite among motorists. Motorcyclists can now also experience the benefits of the product range. NIGHT BREAKER® H4-LED is the simple choice for upgrading low beam and high beam to state-of-the art LED technolo-gy. They are ideal as replacements for conventional H4 lamps and bases.

The NIGHT BREAKER® H4 LED for motorcycles produces bright white light with a color tempera-ture of up to 6,000 Kelvin. The product is up to 230 percent brighter than conventional lamps , while reducing glare by 50 percent2. What’s more, the NIGHT BREAKER® H4-LED consumes up to 55 percent less energy than conventional lamps and will last up to five times longer thanks to LED technology and the specially developed vibration-resistant design3.

The NIGHT BREAKER® H4-LED for motorcycles are approved for various models of the manufac-turers Kawasaki, BMW and KTM. A list with all approved motorcycles can be found under this link. The products will be available from mid-October for €74.99 (RRP).

ams OSRAM is constantly working on wider approval of the NIGHT BREAKER® LEDs. In addition to motorcycles, the retrofit lamps are available for a variety of contemporary cars, classic cars, trucks and motorhomes. This is yet another way in which ams OSRAM is making an important contribution to road safety. For a list of compatible vehicle models please click on this link.

Further information

1 Approved LED vehicle light. Applies only to countries in which approval has been granted or for which a comparable approval applies, and to vehicle models and lighting functions currently indicated in the compatibility list. For more details go to
2 These offer up to 230 percent brighter light and 50 percent less glare compared to the maximum permissible thresholds of ECE R112
3 Compared to traditional halogen lamps

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