Introducing the Warrior X4, the ultimate tactical flashlight that defies darkness! With a blinding 2600 lumens and an impressive 630m throw, it'll illuminate your world like never before.

The X4 balances the spot and spill well with a peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela, and is equipped with a dazzling strobe, making it born for warriors.

But that's not all! The Warrior X4 offers dual charging options with MCC3 charging and Type-C charging, ensuring you're always ready for action. A three-color indicator is added, with still vibration prompt to better show the battery life.

Even more, it maintains its IPX8 waterproof rating even with the port exposed, making it reliable in any condition. Easily access it with the nylon-reinforced holster during critical moments. The tail switch, featuring nano molding tech, keeps metal debris at bay.

Whether you're on patrol, hunting, doing repair work, or enjoying outdoor adventures, the Warrior X4 is the perfect companion. Get ready to conquer the darkness and experience unmatched illumination with Warrior X4!

This incredible tactical light comes in two stylish colorways, Black and the exclusive Camo Limited Edition.

Shenzhen, China -- Olight, a leader in mobile lighting solutions, unveiled the Baton 4 / Premium Edition, the Warrior X4, and more in a dazzling product launch event on November 16th, 7:00 PM (EST), which was live-streamed on its Official YouTube channel named Olightworld.

Compared to the previous Baton 3, The Baton 4 shines with an 8.3% increase in output, reaching 1,300 lumens and a longer beam distance at 170 meters. It features an intuitive laser micro-perforation lumen and battery level indicator, which required significant engineering efforts to integrate within the narrow space of the compact flashlight.

The Baton 4 Premium Edition features a custom charging case that houses a 5000mAh battery, providing a 42% capacity boost compared to the Baton 3 charging case. This extends the flashlight's Moonlight mode runtime to an impressive 190 days, doubling its previous performance. This versatile case doubles as a power bank for external devices, and is compatible to charge the Baton 3, S1RⅡ, Perun Mini, and Perun 2 Mini inside of the case. It includes a built-in LED display button for easy control and step-less dimming, automatically turning off the light when the lid is closed for a seamless user experience.

The Warrior X4 delivers 2,600 lumens and a 630-meter range, representing a 12% increase compared with its predecessor. It supports both Type C and MCC3 magnetic charging, boasts an intuitive metal tail switch, and a built-in battery status indicator. This flashlight offers two lighting modes for different scenarios and optional user-friendly remote switch operation.

"I hope our products can bring value to users and truly meet the market's demands." said Jeff, the Baton and Warrior Series Product Director.

This event also showcases Olight's most popular products in new colorways. This includes the Thanksgiving edition Marauder Mini Golden Black, expressing gratitude as the holiday season nears. You can discover other creative products like the Seeker 4 Pro in White, Seeker 4 Mini Ti, and more innovative EDC lights.

During the Black Friday event, Olight will be gifting free flashlights to both new and recurring customers, with some products receiving discounts of up to 50%.

For more surprises, visit or the store site specific to your country.
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