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Products Smart Ceiling Lights

A smart ceiling light is a wirelessly networked luminaire that can be operated from a mobile app run on an IP-enabled device. It connects to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet via a wireless communication interface, allowing lighting to be controlled, programmed, personalized and automated conveniently from anywhere. Ceiling lights are those things that most of us tend to overlook or take for granted—but they contribute immensely to the visual environment.

As an integral element of most lighting schemes, ceiling-mounted fixtures are used to provide an ambient or task layer of light in living rooms, foyers, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, kitchens, garages, utility rooms, closets, offices, hallways and stairways. Their ubiquitous presence deems their inescapable influence on our quality of life. How the light fixtures perform has everything to do with the look, feel and visibility of an environment. Composed by uniting all building blocks in an intelligent, connected system, a smart ceiling light delivers the ability for us to manage and optimize the environment in a creative, comfortable, and enjoyable way.

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