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Products Moving Head Lights | Automated Stage Lights

A moving head light is an automated lighting system that has motorized control of beam movement and may offer motorized functions for gobo, color and zoom changes. Stage lighting is no longer a matter of simple illumination as it was throughout the 1900’s. Today, stage lighting design involves far more than just illuminating the stage for visibility. Lighting designers strive to be masters of art, science, and psychology in order to paint the stage with light that moves an audience emotionally, creates an atmosphere supportive of the play’s production concept, and accentuates a character in a play.

Modern production facilities range from theaters, auditoriums, and concert halls to arenas, stadiums, commercial showrooms, and shopping malls. The types of production and visual display, which include opera, ballet, modern dance, live concerts, disco, art exhibition and industrial shows, are just as varied as the types of facilities. Every production or stage will present new challenges in making creative imagination a reality for productions and shows. As the most versatile stage lighting instrument, moving head lights allow you to tie together all the visual elements of the production—color, direction, intensity, form and movement—in any venue and take a show or performance to a whole new level.

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