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Products LED Headlamps | Head Torches for Running, Hiking, Camping

A headlamp is a battery powered light worn on the head, fastened to the hard hat or mounted on the helmet to provide hands-free illumination for a wide variety of activities including running, hiking, climbing, jogging, bicycling, camping, spelunking, late-night fishing, and daily works and tasks that require bimanual coordination.

As solid state lighting blows its predecessors out of the water, the usability of headlamps has been improved enormously. LEDs convert electrical power to visible light through injection electroluminescence as a result of electron-hole recombination within a semiconductor chip and use a wavelength converter to broaden the bandwidth of the emitted light for a spectrum optimal to the human vision. This emission mechanism brings about significant improvements source efficiency over conventional technologies, making it possible to create battery powered lights that can be a workhorse day in and day out. The small source size of LEDs enables design of low-profile, lightweight products for comfortable use. The inherent reliability of LEDs and their solid state durability contributes to peace-of-mind use over an awesome length of lifespan.

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