Products Flicker Free High Color Rendering LED Light Bulbs

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Products Flicker Free High Color Rendering LED Light Bulbs

An LED light bulb is a solid state lighting product designed for use in replacing an incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamp. The plug-and-play LED replacement is intended to maximize value of legacy lamp-based fixtures over lifetime with high energy savings and lower maintenance costs afforded by the LED technology. Interior lighting is deemed of high quality if it supports our health, wellbeing and performance. However, it’s just the other way around.

Ever since the introduction of fluorescent lighting, the human world has been experiencing a grievous reverse in the quality of electric light. Newer technologies made it possible to manipulate the spectral composition of light, which leads to the compromise against color quality for efficacy improvement. The inclusion of electronics to regulate power for the light source compounded the complications associated with the qualitative aspects of lighting.

Today, commoditization of LED lamps and the increasingly extending energy efficiency requirements pushed lighting manufacturers to sacrifice high value features and flood the market with products manufactured to deliver the highest possible efficacy at the lowest possible cost. Yet the price to achieve these goals was heavy. The days of low-flicker, high color rendering lighting that incandescent and halogen lamps had given us have become a luxury. What an irony!

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