Products Solar Street Lights with Separate Power Systems

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Products Solar Street Lights with Separate Power Systems

Solar street lights are photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems that run off power collected from the conversion of solar energy. These roadway or area lighting systems are generally designed for off-grid applications where grid connected lighting is unavailable, costly or difficult to install. As solid state lighting based on LED technology pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency and life expectancy, there’s a growing trend towards the adoption of solar street lights in applications which were previously the realm of grid-dependent systems. The marriage between LED lighting and photovoltaics not only enabled significantly improved lighting performance but also offers the possibility of new lighting form factors.

In the era of solid state lighting, solar street lights come in two forms of system configuration: the split type and integrated type. A split-type solar street light takes a conventional design, whereas an integrated solar street light is self-contained system that incorporates the photovoltaic module, light engine, battery bank, charge controller, and lighting control components into one compact package. A split-type solar LED street light is such designed that its performance is maximized to meet the requirements of demanding use.

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