security lights

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    Products Smart Security Lights with Network Cameras | Floodlight Cameras

    A smart security light is a connected lighting device that can be integrated into the IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure and allows for communication and interaction between the light, people, and the environment. It serves as a security force multiplier by incorporating security lighting...
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    Products Outdoor Security Lights | Motion Sensor, Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Lights

    An outdoor security light is a security element designed to create a perception of a reasonably secure environment, perform as a visual deterrent to discourage unauthorized entry, facilitate the detection of intruder motion, and make other security elements more effective during hours of...
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    Products Solar Security Lights

    A solar security light is a self-powered flood light that is installed to help people and property from criminal and terroristic activities, to increase the effectiveness of other security measures, and to create a perception of a reasonably secure environment. Lighting is one of the most...
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    Products Solar Flood Lights

    A solar flood light is designed to deliver a broad spread of light from ambient, accent or task lighting using energy generated by solar panels. Flood lights are directional luminaires that produce a controlled, relatively diffused beam of light for illuminating a scene or object to a luminance...